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 Exhibition Report

Seaton Snooker League in association with Lyme Bay Auctions Ltd., Seaton promoted and sponsored an exhibition of snooker by rookie professional Sam Baird. After outlining the programme for the evening Master of Ceremonies Regional Snooker & Billiards Coach, Steve Canniford introduced Sam Baird and a fantastic evening of what turned out to be top class snooker got underway. After seven quick-fire frames, that took a little over ten minutes per frame against local opposition Baird led 7-0 posting a string of modest breaks (30,35,43,59 & 69). After a short break seven more local players lined up to take on ‘The Professional’. In the first frame of the second session Baird made breaks of 41 & 51. This proved to be the calm before the storm as Baird showed total mastery of explosive potting and fluent break building to reel of the next six frames in less than an hour with breaks of 102,114,92,129,40 & 108 to end the evening winning all 14 frames and leave spectators with a lasting memory of how open attractive snooker is played at its best. The fourteen players that braved the Baird onslaught where:- Neil Whitfield, Graham Ward, Neil Willmington, Ben Pike, Ricky Pile, Richard Keech, Steve Hill, Dave Wills, Steve Potter, Ed Bonetta, Roger Woolland, Bob Shave, Greg Jones and John Cann. The exhibition was refereed by EASB Referee, Greg Jones. Steve Canniford closed the exhibition giving thanks to those that hosted, organised and sponsored the exhibition wishing Sam Baird every success in his bid to make a career as a Snooker Professional. Baird is available for exhibitions or challenge matches and can be contacted via his email: sambaird147@googlemail.co.uk or by visiting his web site www.sambaird147.co.uk

Report by Steve Canniford


Name Points Breaks   Name Points Breaks
Sam Baird 73 V Neil Whitfield 38
Sam Baird 86 43 V Graham Ward 26
Sam Baird 79 30 V Neil Willmington 52
Sam Baird 75 35 V Ben Pike 56 38
Sam Baird 81 69 V Ricky Pile 18
Sam Baird 86 59 V Richard Keech 9
Sam Baird 96 41,51 V Steve Hill 18
Sam Baird 118 102 V Dave Wills 5
Sam Baird 114 114 V Steve Potter 5
Sam Baird 108 92 V Ed Bonetta 6
Sam Baird 129 129 V Roger Woolland 6
Sam Baird 74 V Bob Shave 16
Sam Baird 108 108 V Greg Jones 0
Sam Baird 85 40 V John Cann 44


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