Sam Baird Snooker Exhibition

Colyton Memorial Social Club


An excellent evening of entertainment was had by all that attended a recent snooker exhibition hosted by Colyton Memorial Social Club. South West Snooker Professional, Sam Baird, from Halberton, demonstrated his snookering skills against local opposition from the Seaton & District Snooker League. After outlining the programme for the evening, master of ceremonies, West of England Billiards & Snooker Foundation Champion Steve Canniford, introduced Sam Baird, giving a potted history of his progress from a nine year old prodigy to current professional ranked 65 in the World. Once the exhibition got underway the first seven opponents fell in quick succession with a total aggregate score of just 71 points to Baird’s 692. During these frames Baird posted breaks of 89, 73, 63c, 61, 52, 44, 40c plus a few in the thirties (‘c’ denotes clearance). It took a sterling effort from, talented local guitarist, Ben Kapur to put up any form of resistance to the onslaught of potting from Baird. Kapur led for most of the frame until Baird cleared to win by 22 points. Kapur’s score of 46 points being the best from the opponents on the night. After the break the remaining four opponents collectively scored 34 points to Baird’s 361 making the final scores: Baird 12 wins (1052 points) – Opponents 0 wins (105 points).

The event was arranged as a thank you to club member Paul Cordwell and friends who gave their time to refurbish the snooker room.

Steve Canniford closed the exhibition giving thanks to EASB Referee Clive Brown, whom had travelled from Illminster to give his time freely to officiate all matches; the club for hosting and those that organise the event. Sam Baird is available for exhibitions or challenge matches and can be contacted via his email: or by visiting his web site

Report by Steve Canniford


‘cl’ denotes clearance

Name Points Breaks   Name Points Breaks
Sam Baird 29 89, 40cl V Paul Cordwell 1
Sam Baird 108 32,62cl V Richard Burr 4
Sam Baird 93 32 V Andrew Burr
Sam Baird 63 32 V Ben Pike
Sam Baird 92 61 V Martin Parker 8
Sam Baird 95 52 V Chris Cripps
Sam Baird 112 73 V Steve Potter
Sam Baird 68 44 V Ben Kapur
Sam Baird 93  65 V Graham Ward 14
Sam Baird 93  93 V Paul Martin
Sam Baird 104  32,47 V Rob Somers
Sam Baird 71 71 V Richard Gibbons
 1052 V Total  105