Playe Profile Sam Baird
Playe Profile Sam Baird

Sidmouth War Memorial Club


 Exhibition Report

A superb evening of entertainment was had by all that attended a Snooker exhibition at the War Memorial Club, Sidmouth. Local Devon Snooker Professional, Sam Baird, from Halberton, put on an excellent show of his snookering skills against club members and local league players. The event was promoted and sponsored by Sidmouth WMC. After outlining the programme for the evening, Master of Ceremonies, Steve Canniford from the West of England Billiards & Snooker Foundation, introduced Sam Baird giving a potted history of his progress from a nine year old prodigy, to a current Professional playing on the elite professional circuit. Baird’s first of the fifteen challengers was Richard Wills who started well, posting 26 points before Baird ran out a 67-26 winner. Frame two saw Malcolm Nichols come to the table for a short period, whilst Baird potted his way to a 75 break to win frame two. Next up was one of three top Seaton League players that played during the evening. A quick 72 break from Baird and soon player number four was required. Sam’s next opponent Richard Gibbons did not play for long also, as Baird posted another quick-fire break, this time a round 80. The fifth player was club member Paul Martin, no breaks of note but still a 90-11 win for Baird. Frame six saw Baird in full flow, after threatening to break the century in earlier frames he did so against Rob Somers with a superb 125 break, leaving the black racing around the table in an effort to finish on a spectacular multi cushion shot. After six frames in just one hour a thirty minute interval was taken for photographs, autographs and excellent refreshments provided by the club.

On resuming play club member Chris Cripps managed to get a small score on the board before Baird made 63 & 38 breaks to win. Ray Selway did not face any breaks of note from Baird as the latter fashioned a 80-11 win. Graham Ward showed his ability and experience, as a top local amateur Billiards & Snooker player to be the first player to beat Baird in an exhibition frame 78-24. Another top local player Ben Pike, took advantage of rare miss from Baird, when the balls where ideally place for a big break, to fashion an excellent 75 break to also beat ‘the professional’. Baird re-grouped to comfortably win the next frame against Exeter player Richard Reed and then impose heavy defeats on County & England player Darren Bond and County player Adrian Bond, brothers from Tiverton. Baird made a 62 and two 30 plus breaks. In the final Frame of the evening Baird showed signs of tiring but still managed a classy 56 break to win against Bryan Canniford. After 14 frames of scintillating quick-fire potting & break building, all agreed that it was an excellent evening’s entertainment.

Steve Canniford closed the exhibition giving thanks to EASB Referee Greg Jones, from Seaton, who kept an expert eye on the frames, and Sidmouth WMC for hosting and sponsored the exhibition. Sam Baird is available for exhibitions or challenge matches and can be contacted via his email: or by visiting his web site

Report by Steve Canniford


Name Points Breaks   Name Points Breaks
Sam Baird 67 27


Richard Wills 26
Sam Baird 76 75


Malcolm Nichols 0
Sam Baird 91 72


Greg Jones 0
Sam Baird 101 80


Richard Gibbons 8
Sam Baird 90 V Paul Martin 11
Sam Baird 125 125


Robin Somers 0
Sam Baird 101 63,38


Chris Cripps 5
Sam Baird 81


Ray Selway 11
Sam Baird 24


Graham Ward 78
Sam Baird 8


Ben Pike 92 75
Sam Baird 72


Richard Reed 22
Sam Baird 103 62


Adrian Bond 13
Sam Baird 87 30,38


Darren Bond 22
Sam Baird 88 56


Darren Bond 2


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