Send money direct from your account to the WEBSF account in a couple of taps. Paying tournament entry fees, membership, merchandise or if you simply want to ‘invest in us’, it has never been easier. Choose to pay via the pingit, add how much, state what the payment is for and tap send, nothing more to it.

Select pingit to find out how to setup pingit on your phone, tablet or PC. This promotional video shows how easy it is to pay. Remember all tournament entry fees must be paid in advance of the event in order to secure your place in the draw.

Pingit is the preferred method of payment accepted by the WEBSF as this is the simplest method of payment for the WEBSF to deal with, it is also a secure method of payment. However, you can choose to pay with cash to a tournament organiser. Contact the WEBSF for details (Wayne 07980788484 or Steve 07891940995).