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Pay us by bank transfer and include the correct payment reference code.

Account name: West of England Billiards and Snooker Foundation
Sort code: 20-45-45
Account number: 30800627

Payment references

Please use the following reference codes when you are prompted to apply a reference to your payment (this makes it easier for us to process and confirm your payment).

PaymentReference code
Annual tournament participation feeTP
Gold Series event 1G1
Gold Series event 2G2
Gold Series event 3G3
Gold Series event 4G4
Gold Series event 5G5
Gold MastersGM
West of England Snooker OpenWOE SN
West of England English Billiards OpenWOE BILL
The Billiards OpenBILL OPEN
The CarpenterCAR

Our prices and fees

1-2-1 coaching

£10 per hour + cost of the table.


Entry fees:

  • The Bronze Open – £10
  • The Billiards Open – £15
  • The WoE English Billiards Open – £20
  • The WoE Snooker Open – £25
  • The Carpenter Open – £10
  • The Gold Series – £20 (per tournament)
  • The Gold Masters – £20

Annual participation fees

  • Access to all tournaments – £10
  • Access to open tournaments only – £5

Find out more about annual participation fees

Open coaching days

Completely free.

eCoaching (pilot scheme)

Under review.

Personalised player development (pilot scheme)

Under review.

Community coaching sessions

Under review.

Branded merchandise

Prices vary per item.

Having trouble?

If you experience any difficulties, please contact us by email at and we will provide you with an alternative way to pay.