Find your competitive edge

We provide a comprehensive calendar of organised English billiards and Snooker tournaments throughout the West of England region, that cater for different age groups and varying levels of ability.

For more information about tournament entry details and registration, please visit our tournament pages:

“I have personally relished the opportunity to play against very good amateurs and both aspiring and ex-professional players.”

Kevin, 46

We pride ourselves on our record of well run events, all within a safe, friendly and inclusive environment. We offer a wide range of flexible formats that allow us to be agile and meet the needs of our participants.

The formats we use offer value for money providing several hours of competitive play, we are also mindful how we apportion prize money to reward the many and not just the elite.

Our main focus is promoting English billiards and snooker tournaments. These include series events such as The Gold Series tournaments, as well as annual events such as the West of England Snooker Open, the WEBSF English Billiards Open and The Ladies Snooker Open, which are perfect for those looking to test their skills in a competitive setting, and to get a flavour for our events.

Occasionally we run special tournaments such as the ONEFORSEVEN Snooker Championship and a Six-Red Shootout competition. All our tournaments are for amateur players only.

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