Entry details

  • We will announce when we are taking tournament entries.
  • Tournament entries will be first come, first served. Places can only be secured upon receipt of your payment.
  • A round-robin format will be used which will determine a number of qualifiers who will go through to the main knock-out round or the plate.
  • Knock-out stages are seeded.
  • The number of groups and the number of players who qualify will be decided on the day based on number of entrants.
  • The tournament entry fee is £15.00 in addition to an annual tournament participation fee. Both are payable in advance. Find out about the ways to pay.
  • 100% of tournament fees will be paid out in prize money
  • Registration is at 9:00am and the tournament will start at 9:30am.
  • The Billiards Open Format & Rules

Dress Code

Smart dark trousers/skirt and dark shoes. A choice of either a waistcoat, single colour collared shirt/blouse (bow tie or tie optional) or a single colour, collared polo shirt. Shirts/blouses must be tucked in at all times (no jeans or trainers).

If you’re interested in taking part please contact Steve on +44 (789)194-0995 or email websf_uk@yahoo.com.

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