Player of the Month

Eddie Manning – Prolific Break Builder

Player of the month for April is newcomer to the WEBSF tournaments, Eddie Manning. Eddie, a former professional, has made quite an impact on the local snooker scene. Reaching the semi finals of Gold Waistcoat Tour event 3, at his first attempt, then winning event 4 amassing an impressive string of breaks. In his days as a professional Eddie played at Willie Thorne’s, Leicester where he honed his snooker skills. Eddie now lives near Newquay, Cornwall and after a 12 year break he has re-kindled his enthusiasm to play snooker without the everyday pressures of an aspiring professional.

Eddie’s has two claims to fame; firstly, he played Stefan Mazrocis in the 1993 Lowen Pro/Am which was the first time that Snooker had been shown on German TV; Secondly  Eddie achieved a 149 break, in 1997 at Willie Thorne’s in Leicester. His practice partner was Kam Pandya. Eddie took brown, brown, 13 blacks, pink and blue.

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