Player of the Month

Mitchel (Mitch) Grinsted from Plymouth is our Player of the Month for August. Mitch is no stranger to winning ways, after winning the overall Silver Waistcoat Championship title in 2008/9 he stepped-up the very next season to win the first of two overall Gold Waistcoat Tour Championship titles, one in 2009/10 and another in 2013/14. Mitch goes about his business on the table in a workmanlike manner, with the facial expression of a hardened poker player. He has proven that he can win a frame at one visit but more often than not you will see him move the scoreboard along feeding off whatever ‘crumbs’ his opponent leaves, whilst offering very little in return. Mitch finished 12th in the Gold Tour rankings the past season, not bad considering he only played in three of the six events. If he chooses to play in all six this season, be sure he will be up there among the front runners.