Bryan, aka Pops, was a keen supporter of the WEBSF who loved to spend time at tournaments mingling and jesting with the players and their supporters. He always found time, when not taking a nap, to add colour to the conversations and put a smile on people’s faces with his banter, stories and general joyful outlook on life. One of his favourite words was ‘Chum’……always used in the endearing sense. Here are a few snaps that Deborah took to mark his passing and hopefully bring back fond memories.

Cheers Chum!
Hello Chum!

Pops, was an avid supporter of the WEBSF

Proud supporter wearing WEBSF Colours
Proudly sporting the WEBSF Colours

Pops the Traveler, staying over in Gloucester

A day out with the lads
Away with the lads

Pops loved his food, Bacon Baps being a favourite…

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…which inevitably culminated in a nap!

Recharging the Batteries
Recharging the Batteries

Pops loved to chat and put the world to rights

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Pops would say it as he saw it!

Dan just can't believe what he's just heard!
Dan just can’t believe what he’s just heard!

Pops the Sun reader…

Sporty Pops

Techno Pops

Technology....No Problem Chum!
Technology….No Problem Chum!

Pops the impressionist

Doing his Eric Morecambe Impression
Here doing his Eric Morecambe Impression

Pops among friends

86 Birthdays and still smiling

Pops being Pops

My Dad and Me....Happy Days
My Dad and Me….Happy Days

Pops signing off…

Trademark thumbs-up
…with the trademark thumbs-up


(1930 – 2017)

Keep Smiling Chum!
Keep Smiling Chum!