April 2011 News

WEBSF member Mark Green could not play in the WEBSF tournaments this season due to pursuing his education at Cardiff University. However, once a snooker player always a snooker player and Mark has excelled in the British Universities and Colleges Sport championships. These were held in Leeds last month and the good news is that Mark is the British Universities and Colleges Sport individual snooker champion 2011. Furthermore, the Cardiff team won the team competition. It is the first time that someone from Cardiff has won the individual title. So Mark has two gold medals. To add to this Mark reached the semi finals of the EASB Under 19s championships. This is a significant achievement considering the situation that Mark is having to fit in snooker practice around university studies. The Sports Bursary that he was awarded has proved very useful and the Director of Cardiff Sport is very impressed with how Mark has represented the University. To top this Mark was voted on as President of the University Snooker Club for next year. Well done Mark! Click here for more information.

David Causier, the British Open billiards champion and 3-time former UK champion, produced a superb display of English Billiards in a Plymouth exhibition on Wednesday April 20. Causier’s first opponent was local player Chris Corry, however, it wasn’t until his encounter with experienced player Derek Walker that the former world number three started to reach top form with terrific breaks of 185 and 163, plus another fine century against England international Chris Coumbe. The final local opponent was WEBSF Gold Waistcoat player Steve Brookshaw, one of Devon’s finest and himself capable of 200 breaks. Against Brookshaw, Causier compiled the highest break, a fantastic 311. Causier, a finalist in the 2004 World Professional Championship, knocked in further breaks with ease during the evening, including a 209, 180, 136, 117, 72, 65 and 64 to round-off an outstanding performance by one of the World’s finest professional players. The event was organised by the Plymouth Billiards League and was held at the Belgrave Club. Thanks also to Plymouth referees Steve Brookshaw and Chris Coumbe, who refereed on the night.

Report by Chris Coumbe

Chris Coumbe won the English Amateur Billiards Association Junior Billiards Event 4 hosted by the WEBSF and Rileys Snooker Club, Plymouth. Runner-up was previous winner Dan Legassick.

Alan Tunney from the Torbay league was not phased by a magnificent 132 clearance from Sam Baird in the final of the latest Gold Waistcoat event. Full details now in.

Thanks to Rileys Snooker Club, Plymouth and Baulkline Snooker who sponsored the event.

This time 96% of the entry fees went as prize money!

Wonderers are champions for the eigth year in succession with Colyton Excons finishing runners-up. This was repeated in the Mini League final with Wonderers winning the first three frames in the final. Click here for league results and the latest cup draw information.

Wonderers on 99 points are all but there and unlikely to be caught. However, it is really hotting up for the runners-up spot. Click here for league results and the latest cup draw information.

September 2010 News

Sam Baird made a great start in his bid to challenge for a return to the Professional ranks by winning the first event in the EASB Pro Ticket (South) Event 1 and head the rankings. Sam beat James Loft 5-3 in the final with a barrage of breaks. Another WEBSF talent Darren Bond was also in fine break building form reaching the semi finals to take third place in the rankings.

Two younger ‘Stars of the Future’ that join the long list of talented young players to emerge from the WEBSF ranks are 16 years old Chris Coumbe and 13 years old Dan Legassick who have just returned from representing England at Billiards in the Home Internationals held in Prestatyn, North Wales. This takes the tally to thirteen WEBSF players that have proudly worn the three lions on their waistcoat. Well done lads, from the WEBSF Management Team.

The WEBSF Annual Meeting took place on the 11th September 2010 and the following key decisions where made:-

Clarification within the rules regarding the Bronze and Silver Waistcoat tournament age limits. e.g this season:-
Bronze players must be under 17 years old on the 31st December 2010
Silver players must be under 22 years old on the 31st December 2010
Merge Plymouth Bronze and Silver Tournaments
Silver Waistcoat entrance fee lowered to £10
A full compliment of Waistcoat tournaments will be run this next season. 5 Gold, 6 Silver/Bronze.
Take Gold Waistcoat Tournament events to other parts of the region
Run a ONEFORSEVEN tournament

To receive a complete set of meeting minutes and action notes members can contact any of the Management Team or email the WEBSF (websf_uk@yahoo.co.uk).

Dates for the Westcountry Billiards Tour are now published. The first tournament will be on the 26th September 2010 at the Belgrave Snooker Club, Plymouth.

Baulkline Snooker SW, for the third year is the main sponsor of the WEBSF Waistcoat Tournaments. Baulkline Snooker is a local company owned by Pete James. Pete is well known and respected for his high level of skill as a Table Technician throughout the Snooker fraternity. However, skullduggery is afoot and as a result of rumours being put about, reporting that he has “Gone into retirement”, “Moved up North” and in one case “Emigrated!” Pete has been forced to mail shot his regular customers to dispel these rumours and retain his business. I can assure you Pete has neither moved away nor has he retired. Only this past weekend I came across Pete carrying out maintenance on the table in our local village hall.

Pete is always willing to chat and share his vast knowledge of tables, so I took the opportunity to question him regarding the condition of a table in a club where I play, which was last serviced a rival company.

Pete refuses to use inferior materials as he believes this to be false economy; him having to return to explain why the playing conditions have not come up to players expectations; the materials wearing out quicker which results in having to have the table covered more frequently. The consequences of which can result in losing a hard earned good reputation and custom.

After a very informative chat I came away with a better understanding of some of the ‘Tricks and Shortcuts’ carried out by less scrupulous Table Technicians use. (if they are deserving of this title!). It certainly gave explanation as to why our club table is ‘playing’ as poorly as it is. The information gained will inform the Club Committee and hopefully result in being more selective when the table needs recovering. Thus saving the Club money and providing a the members with little excuse for not playing well……maybe!

Dates for WEBSF tournaments are now being published following the WEBSF Annual Meeting which took place in Rileys, Plymouth Saturday 11th September 2010.

League Secretary – John Cann aka ‘the Stumpmeister’ opens the season with the following address. For further details click here.

December 2008 News

Michael Rogers won a classic final against Jay Bullen in the second event of the WEBSF Exeter Bronze Waistcoat. The tournament was of the highest standard yet with breaks made by all players, the best a 50 by Rogers in the early rounds.Rogers also now leads the overall ranking table. For further details go to Exeter Bronze Waistcoat.

This tournament is open to all those that will be under 16 on the 31st December 2008.

Thanks to GWRSA Social Club, Exeter and Baulkline Snooker who sponsored the event

This time 80% of the entry fees went as prize money!

Master of Ceremonies and sponsor for the evening Derek Walker opened the evening by introducing Andy Hicks as one of the most talented snooker players ever to emerge from the West Country. This compliment was to be fully vindicated over the following 4 hours as Hicks displayed an awesome talent for potting and break building with consummate ease. Referee for the evening Jeff Fox was flawless in officiating every one of the 17 exhibition frames.

Frame 1:
Peter Beckwith one of the many talented young WEBSF players emerging from Plymouth to face Hicks on the night started well with a couple of good pots before Hicks opened his account with a masterful 121 break to win 128-4.

Frame 2:
Chris Corry also started well before Hicks made quick fire breaks of 48 & 40 to win 108-14.

Frame 3:
Daniel Legassick matched Hicks with some superb safety play followed by a 14 break. A number of near misses from both players ensued before Hicks cleared the colours to win 80-17.

Frame 4:
Adam Lewin like his peers started well before Hicks made a well timed 53 break near the latter part of the frame to win 91-12.

Frame 5:
Cody Hall matched Hicks in the potting department for a short period at the start of the frame amassing a respectful 22 points before Hicks once again cleared to win the frame 88-22.

Frame 6:
Haydon Pinhey the current Plymouth Bronze Waistcoat Champion made an early near miss to let Hicks in for a 49 break, Hicks was soon to return to the table after an uncharacteristic missed pot from Pinhey to clear with a brilliant 83 break to win the frame 132-0.

Frame 7: next up
Tom Vanstone a regular on the Silver Waistcoat tour and keen to make an impression started with some good safety play. However, Hicks sensed Vanstone can play a bit and moved up a gear capitalising on a Vanstone mistake fashioning a consummate 99 break followed by a 34 clearance to win 136-1.

Frame 8:
After the break Chris Coumbe produced some excellent opening safety play before Hicks fired in a rapid 82 clearance to win 99-8.

Frame 9:
Hicks had been given the nod that his next opponent Mitchell Grinsted was more than capable of producing an upset to the ensuing white wash of challengers. After the usual bout of excellent opening safety play Hicks compiled a truly masterful 131 break to win 131-0.

Frame 10:
Hicks showing no sign of tiring gave his next opponent Sam Lloyd little chance as he looked awesome in taking 10 reds and 10 blacks before narrowly missing a difficult pot red to the middle pocket when a possible maximum 147 look on the cards. Frame score 124-1.

Frame 11:
The level of early frame safety play was as good as had been seen all evening until a loose shot from Dale Branton saw Hicks make a superb 126 clearance to win 126-4.

Frame 12:
After 30 practice frames earlier in the day in preparation for the exhibition one could understand if Hicks was to falter. Poor exhibition play is not in Hick’s vocabulary as Dylan Chilcott was to find out. Hicks posted yet another century break, 103, to win 115-8.

Frame 13:
Grant Cole was next up and after a mistake from Cole Hicks broke down prematurely making a 46 break. Cole failed to capitalise on this rare opportunity letting Hicks in for a second bite of the cherry and a 55 clearance to win 109-2.

Frame 14:
Andy Trim came to the table and after a long bout of respectful safety play and some excellent single ball potting. Hicks took the lead with a 42 break going on to win an entertaining frame 68-39.

Frame 15:
Brother of Derek Walker, Jeff did not get much table time as Hicks enthralled the spectators with an incredible 136 total clearance, played at almost a running pace to win the frame 141-0.

Frame 16:
The penultimate frame saw Gold Waistcoat player and Pool champion Michael ‘Daisy’ Day fail to take his chances. There where no beaks of note in the 80-32 win to Hicks. However, Hicks demonstrated some excellent potting with the rest, in fact he never missed any rest shots throughout all 17 frames.

Frame 17:
The final frame saw Hicks amass a break of 83 to beat Albi Morrison 103-6

Andy Hicks is available for exhibitions at a very reasonable cost, contact the WEBSF for more information.

Thanks to Victoria Snooker Centre, Plymouth for hosting the exhibition

Pictures on Deborah’s Photo Album

Sam Baird (Halberton), reached the semi-final of the Businessland Under 21 Series for the second time in a row before losing 3-1 to Lee Page. Sam topped the breaks table with two centuries 100 & 103. This puts Sam in second spot in the overall ranking after two events. Grant Cole from Plymouth qualified for the knock-out stages narrowly losing out to Michael Leslie. Grant is placed 8th in the rankings. For further details go to Global Snooker.


February 2007 News

Mike King, Greg Batten & Andy Symons-Rowe have narrowly lost 10-8 in the semi final against Germany.

The WEBSF Management Team take this opportunity to congratulate them on their achievement. Getting to the semi’s and losing by just 2 frames is obviously disappointing but it is still more than most have achieved and should not be underestimated. To represent your country at any level of competition is a great achievement. Well done!

Results just in for the third and fourth Redruth Bronze Waistcoat tournament of 2006/7. James Freeman and Jake Stewart share the spoils. For further details go to Redruth Bronze Waistcoat Events 3 & 4

Four budding snooker players try their hand at English Billiards in order to further their knowledge of angles and touch play.

Hine is Exeter champion but loses his unbeaten run. For further details go to Exeter Bronze Waistcoat Event 5

Paul Johnson wins back to back Plymouth Bronze events whilst Coumbes secures Plymouth title. For further details go to Plymouth Bronze Waistcoat Event 5

The second Silver Waistcoat event took place last Saturday and Sam Baird raised the bar, setting new standards for his peers to aspire to. Further details go to Silver Waistcoat Event 2

It was business as usual for Dan Hine in his relentless pursuit of the West of England Bronze Waistcoat Champion. For further details go to Exeter Bronze Waistcoat Event 4

October 2006 News

Daniel Keane wins Plymouth Bronze tournament, event 2. For further details go to Plymouth Bronze Waistcoat Event 2

Dan Hine dominated the first Exeter Bronze tournament. For further details go to Exeter Bronze Waistcoat Event 1

Grant ‘The Ice Man’ Cole is back to winning ways. Full report and results due in soon Silver Waistcoat Event 1

One of the actions for Tournament Director’s resulting from the WEBSF annual meeting in June was to “Review the Bronze, Silver & Gold tournament formats.” Below are changes resulting from the review and member feedback.

The Bronze tournament age limit is to be increased. AMATEUR PLAYERS UNDER 16 YEARS ON THE 31ST DECEMBER, in the season the tournament is played, that reside in the West of England or are Affiliated Members that reside outside the West of England catchment area, where no Foundation operates, will be eligible for this tournament.

The Silver tour age limit is to be increased. AMATEUR PLAYERS UNDER 21 YEARS ON THE 31ST DECEMBER, in the season the tournament is played, that reside in the West of England or are Affiliated Members that reside outside the West of England catchment area, where no Foundation operates, will be eligible for this tournament.

The Gold and Silver Tour formats will alternate between the familiar Round Robin plus Knock-out stage for the first and third tournaments and a knock-out plus Plate for the second and forth tournaments. The aim is to provide more varied competition for players. A merit points table will still be used to determine the overall placing.

Another action was to “Make provision for Affiliated Members that reside outside the West of England catchment area where no Foundation operates.” The Tournament Policy & Structure document has been updated to comply with this.

The Management Team believe it is important to follow the EBSA and EASB format on issues of competition criteria and will endeavour to meet the WEBSF pledge to respond quickly to members wishes. We must ensure these tournaments continue to provide competition for all age groups and abilities and for the WEBSF tournaments to be recognised as premier tournaments attracting the best players in the region and beyond. Due to the short notice the Management Team will endeavour to contact Members that are affected by these changes.

Members are encouraged to contact the WEBSF or Roger Cole for further information if required.

Rob Charman from Cornwall recently made his first century break at snooker in a practice frame, a fine 106. Robert broke down on the brown with a possible 128 clearance there for the taking. Well done Rob may this be the first of many!

For report and results go to Plymouth Bronze Waistcoat Event 1