Waistcoat or no Waistcoat

Some people think that the WEBSF require players to wear a waistcoat at WEBSF tournaments. This has not been the case for a few years. The current WEBSF Dress Code is:-

Smart dark trousers/skirt and dark shoes. A choice of either a waistcoat with a single colour, collared shirt/blouse. (bow tie or tie optional) OR a single colour, collared polo shirt. Shirts/Blouses must be tucked in at all times. (Strictly no jeans or trainers permitted)

There you have it!….another good reason to enter WEBSF tournaments and have a full day of, value for money, Billiards or Snooker in a safe and friendly environment.

Note: if you want to turn the heads of potential sponsors and you aspire to reaching the World Championships one day, you’d do well to get use to wearing a waistcoat….just a thought! 😉