Mike King – Overall Winner

Gold Waistcoat Tour Overall Results

Gold Waistcoat Tour – Event 1

(Victoria Snooker Centre, Plymouth)

Battler Branton Triumphs over All-Stars


Wayne Branton (Plymouth) became the first player to win the inaugural Gold Waistcoat Tournament run by the West of England Billiard & Snooker Foundation (WEBSF) which is sponsored by the Sunday Independent.

The Gold Waistcoat Tour is another piece of the jigsaw put together by the WEBSF management team and follows on from the highly successful Bronze & Silver Waistcoat Tours. The competition was well received by the players and is sure to become a great success as it travels around the West of England Counties in the future.

The field of top players boasted two England Internationals; a UK Champion, South West Champion; two Devon County Champions and two players who are in this years Cornwall and Devon County singles finals. The pedigree of the players set the scene for much anticipation only to be foiled by local player Wayne Branton who stole the show. Branton beat Alan Hurley (Redruth) 3-0 in the final. However, the game was much closer than the score line reads. After eight hours of competition the two men fought a hard game with some of the best safety play of the day. Branton opened with a 45 break only to watch Hurley reply with a 31. Branton followed this with a clearance to take the first frame. Branton took the second frame on the pink and cleared the colours in the third to claim the first Gold Waistcoat event.

In the semi-final Branton beat England International Andy Radford (Exeter) 3-1 the highlight being Radfords 75 break. The other semi-final saw an all Cornish clash with Alan Hurley beating Paul Williams (Falmouth) 3-0. Hurley recorded breaks of 60, 38 & 37.

In the quarters Williams defeated one of the favourites England International Mike King (Exeter) 2(38)-1(42). Other quarter final matches saw the West of England Silver Waistcoat Champion Grant Cole (Plymouth) loose 2-1 to Hurley and Radford defeated Devon County finalist Jamie Denham (Exeter) 2-0. Steve Downing (Redruth) lost a close match against Wayne Branton who doubled the black ball to win 2-1.


The group stages saw a string of 57 breaks over 30 with the highest of the day being a magnificent 127 by Mike King, this came in the first frame of the day against Phil Lane (Redruth). King followed this with a 93. He went on to win his group without dropping a frame; making further breaks of 93cl, 84, 73, 54 & 44. Not bad for someone still recovering from a broken collar bone! The other qualifier from this group was Steve Downing, his best break being a 82, followed by 61, 44 & 32. Other breaks in this group; Neil Chiswell (Plymouth) 40, 40 and Gregg Batten (Tiverton) 51×2, 46 & 33.

Finalist Alan Hurley won his group losing only one match to Mike Day (Plymouth) 2-1. Hurley recorded the best break of the group a fine 68. The second qualifier from this group was Jamie Denham (Exeter) who went through on count-back after being level on points with Day. Denham made a 45 break while Day recorded 44 & 34. Other breaks in this group were Darren Lock (Seaton) 43 and Ben Pike (Tiverton) 36, 35 & 34.

Group C was won by Andy Radford without losing a match. Radford’s best effort was 87 missing the pink going for the century, he also recorded breaks of 53, 35 & 30. The second qualifier resulted from another two way tie between Wayne Woodger (Exeter) and Grant Cole with Cole going through having beaten Woodger 2-1. Woodger recorded breaks of 40 & 30. Cole made breaks of 46 followed by 37×2 & 32. Other breaks were recorded by Rob Charman (Redruth and Sam Baird (Tiverton) both with 38.

Group D finished with three players topping the group on 6 points. Wayne Branton, Paul Williams and English Amateur finalist Andy Symons-Rowe (Tavistock). Branton won the group having beaten both the other players. Williams had won 2-1 against Symons-Rowe thus eliminating Symons-Rowe. Breaks in this group were Branton 33×2 & 34, Williams 69, 38, 37×2, 33 & 30. Symons-Rowe 40×3 & 39. Darren Bond (UK Silver Waistcoat Champion, Tiverton) 51 and Bobby Southworth (Falmouth) 36.

Tournament Director Keith Millard stated “This competition will put the south-west on the map at national level. It just oozes class all through. We’ve lacked quality tournaments down this end of the country for a some time but things are about to change and that can only be good for the game. Wayne Branton’s victory was well earnt, all day he potted long balls and produced great match play snooker. Rest assured the stars of the tournament will be back with a vengeance! Which can only make the next event even better and raise the standard even higher. I can’t wait for the next tour event in Falmouth next month.”

Report by Keith Millard

Gold Waistcoat Tour Event 1 Results

Gold Waistcoat Tour – Event 2

(Bells Court Snooker Club, Falmouth)

Symons-Rowe Revels in Prepration for National Finals


Andy Symons-Rowe (Tavistock) won the second tour of the West of England Billiards & Snooker Foundation (WEBSF) Gold Waistcoat tournament which is sponsored by the Sunday Independent was held at Bells Court Snooker Club, Falmouth. This win is great preparation for Symons-Rowe who is due to play in the final of the blue ribbon event of the year the English Association for Snooker & Billiards (EASB) amateur Championship final.

The tournament officials received full praise from the players who stated that they are excited by the format and grateful for the opportunity to test their skills against the best players in the region. Since the first tournament entries have increased as has the standard of play which continues to impress onlookers. During the day a number of match winning breaks were recorded across the board which included a couple of centuries.

The final was played on World Snooker Professional Andy Hicks’ practise table, a fact that might have unsteadied the finalist. However this served only to facilitate superb play by Symons-Rowe who defeated England International Mike King (Exeter) 3 – 2 in a magnificent final.

Symons-Rowe was first off the mark winning the first frame with a trio of small breaks 24, 28 & 29. King, who now practises at the Rileys Club, Exeter responded with a tremendous break of 86, breaking down with three reds left on the table, to level the match 1 – 1. Symons-Rowe took the third with the help of a 38 break. King again responded with a well crafted 58 break to levelled the match 2 – 2. With the onset of the final frame the atmosphere was electric and onlookers where treated to a clinical break of 61 from Symons-Rowe to clinch the frame and match 3-2 in what was clearly a final fitting for two of the region’s top players.

In the semi-finals, Symons-Rowe played last months runner up Alan Hurley (Redruth) in another high quality match. Hurley looked set to book his second consecutive final when he led 2 – 0 demonstrating some prolific break building recording breaks of 30 and a 40 in both the frames. In the third frame Symons-Rowe found his rhythm knocking in a superb 54 break. With pressure building both players showed equal respect towards each other with Symons-Rowe just getting over the line first to level the match 2 – 2. This set the scene for a tense deciding frame. Hurley took the early initiative and with only one red left on the table Symons-Rowe needed to clear the table to win the frame and match. The balls were not favourably situated for a single visit clearance. However, Symons-Rowe fashioned a superb break of 31 to win the frame and match 3 – 2.

The other semi-final saw King take on Sam Baird the promising youngster from (Halberton), There were no breaks of note recorded in this match but onlookers where treated to a high level of safety play and respectful snooker from both players. Baird had the first real chance to win the match in the deciding frame when the frame scores were level at 2 – 2. However, in the deciding frame he missed a relatively straight forward brown with the rest to let King off the hook. King eventually potted the brown and fluked the blue with the pink sitting over the middle pocket, a relieved King potted the pink for frame and match.

In the quarter finals Baird was pitched against group (A) winner Phil Lane (Hayle), Baird eventually won a close contest 2 – 1. The second quarter final saw England team mates King play Andy Radford (Exeter). The expected fireworks never materialised as King ran out a 2 – 0 winner with relative ease. The third quarter final paired (Seaton’s) Darren Lock against Symons-Rowe. Lock took an early lead only to sit and watch Symons-Rowe rattle in breaks of 48 and 56 to win 2 – 1. In the remaining quarter final local lad Bobby Southworth (Falmouth) was up against fellow Cornishman Hurley. This never lived up to expectations after such a good qualifying group performance by Southworth, he seemed to run out of steam and couldn’t stop Hurley winning 2 – 0 and progressing into the semis.


With only two players qualifying from each group to the knockout stages the level of competition was always going to be fierce. England International Kris Vincent (Plymouth) set a new benchmark for the (WEBSF) Gold Waistcoat tour with a magnificent total clearance of 134. Vincent achieved this remarkable break in his 2 – 0 win against fellow England International and finalist Mike King.

Group A – last months gold tour winner Wayne Branton (Plymouth) failed to qualify to the knock out stages, managing to reach only fourth spot with contributions of 45 and a 53 break. Winner of this group was Phil Lane who lost only one match, Lane won this group by virtue on picking up a point in his 2 – 1 defeat, proving how valuable extra points are. In joint second place on eight points each were Lock and Gregg Batten (Tiverton). Lock went through by virtue of beating Batten 2 – 0 in their group match. Once again Batten just missed out on the knockout stages despite making breaks of 53, 62 and a well crafted 84. The only other notable break in this group was Lock with a 40. Creditable performances also came from Wayne Woodger (Exeter) and Alan Dunnington (Plymouth).

In group B the quality of play was top drawer, only three points separating all five players with every frame counting right to the last game. King was already through to the knockout stage with the help of a 49 break. Vincent and Adrian Bond (Tiverton) failed to qualify for the knockout stages. The final match in this group was between Hurley and Phil Williams (Falmouth) with the remaining qualifying place up for grabs. Hurley showed great determination in a 2 – 0 victory over Williams to leap frog in to the knockout stages, thus sending Williams home early. Breaks of note came from Hurley and Williams with a 49 and 48 respectfully.

Group C turned out to be the fiercest and most controversial group with three players finishing in the top spot all with seven points each. Nineteen breaks over thirty were recorded in this group alone. Only two of the top three could progress to the knockout stages so the WEBSF elimination formulae was applied. One player after having such a good group stage recording six breaks over thirty felt aggrieved at the decision. However, this formulae is seen as the fairest way of elimination compared with other methods. Top spot went to tournament winner Symons-Rowe who also recorded six breaks over thirty, these included a 68 and a 78 clearance in his 2 – 0 defeat of the 2005 WEBSF Silver Waistcoat Champion Grant Cole (Plymouth). Symons-Rowe also had breaks of 71, 2 x 38 and 31.Runner up spot was awarded to the youngster from Halberton, Sam Baird who made five breaks over thirty with the best being a 59 against Symons-Rowe. Cole made two fifty breaks (58, 51) Jay Harrington (Falmouth) struggled with the level of opposition but gained much valuable experience.

In Group D the highest break was made by England International Andy Radford (Exeter), Radford finished second in the group, recording breaks of 106 and a 63. Southworth won this group without losing a match. He performed exceptional well with a maturity well above his years. Southworth hit six breaks over thirty the best being 68 against Darren Bond (Tiverton). Southworth also recorded breaks 58 and a 50. In joint third place was Steve Downing (Redruth) and Neil Chiswell (Plymouth). Chiswell was awarded third spot by courtesy of a 2 – 0 victory over Downing the latter recording a 58 break in his first frame against Darren Bond only to watch Bond hammer in an impressive 80 break. However, Downing brought his experience into play to win the match 2 – 1. Bond also made a credible 57 break. Keith Milliard the tournament Director said the standard of play being produced by the players is some of the best we have seen for several years and is sure to improve has this new tournament gathers pace over the next two months.

Report by Keith Millard

Gold Waistcoat Tour Event 2 Results

 Gold Waistcoat Tour – Event 3

(Rileys, Exeter)

Mike King Reverses Result with One Hand on the Trophy



The third West of England Billiards & Snooker Foundation (WEBSF) Gold Waistcoat tournament was held at Rileys, Exeter. This is the first time the WEBSF have staged one of their tournaments at Rileys, Exeter and it was hailed a success by officials and players alike. Tournament Director Keith Millard said “The facilities and service provided by the staff were first class and we look forward to building a long and lasting relationship with the club”. Millard went on to say “The WEBSF are in no doubt that the Rileys Club will more than fill the void left the closure of previous Exeter tournament centre, Sidwell Snooker Club.”

This the penultimate Gold Waistcoat tournament of the season was won by Rileys based England International Mike King. King now sits comfortably at the top of the ranking table in a very strong position and with one hand on the trophy. Second in the table is Andy Symons-Rowe, Tavistock just above Andy Radford, Exeter who leap-frogged into third position.

King defeated Symons-Rowe 3-2 in the final reversing the epic final they had in the previous Gold Waistcoat tournament last month in Falmouth. Throughout the day the quality of snooker was again worthy of this prestigious tournament and the final lived up to expectations with six breaks over thirty. King opened the scoring with a 37 break only to watch Symons-Rowe clear to the pink with a 35 break full of brilliant potting. King later said “That was the best 30 plus break anyone had ever made against him to win a frame”. The second frame was won decisively by King aided by a break of 50 to level the match 1-1. King followed suit in the third frame registering a 38 break winning the frame 62-55. Symons-Rowe levelled the match by taking the fourth frame with the aid of a 41 break 72-16. In the deciding frame King crafted a 38 break at a critical stage running out the winner 65-17 and 3 frames to 2.

In the semi-finals there was an all Exeter clash between long term adversaries Andy Radford and King. The match enthralled onlookers as it went the full distance. It could have gone either way with Radford amongst the balls when 2-1 in front, uncharacteristically missed a relatively easy pot allowing King back into the game with a superbly fashioned 60 break to level 2-2. King with the bit between his teeth knocked in a punishing 46 break to take the match 3-2 and qualify for his second consecutive final.

The other semi-final saw another pair who had faced each other on many occasions in the Plymouth Snooker leagues; Kris Vincent and Symons-Rowe, the latter winning 3-0. The match was a lot closer than the score line suggests, with Vincent making just one mistake in each of the first two frames and being severely punished for them by Symons-Rowe. In the first frame Symons-Rowe made a 44 break. However, Vincent could still win on the colours. With all the colours were on their spots and the yellow hanging over the middle pocket Vincent looked in with a good chance, uncharacteristically he over cut the yellow allowing Symons-Rowe to pot the yellow, clear up and take the frame. The second frame Vincent, amongst the balls, was faced with an easy pot made difficult due to awkward bridging. He jawed the pink and sat out the frame whilst Symons-Rowe compile another 44 break to take a 2-0 lead. In the third frame Symons-Rowe grew in confidence and with a burst of brilliance knocked in a match winning break of 78 to march into his second successive Gold Waistcoat tour final.

The Quarter finals matched Radford against Steve Downing (Redruth). This promised to be a great contest. However it ended a one sided affair with Radford running out a comfortable 2-0 winner. The second pairing brought together, the recently crowned West of England Champion King and Darran Lock (Seaton, Cornwall), the latter never concedes defeat easily. The contest was very tight with King’s experience and a well fashioned 49 break taking him to a 2-1 victory. The third quarter final was between Vincent and the young potting machine Darren Bond (Tiverton). Vincent continued his winning streak two frame to nil aided with a comprehensive 65 break. The final pairing was between another pair of big guns Greg Batten (Tiverton) and Symons-Rowe. Batten came out firing first, taking a 1-0 lead with a 57 break. In the second frame Batten was away again with a 44 break only to watch Symons-Rowe come back and take the frame to level the match at 1-1. Out-potted but not out-fought Symons-Rowe held his nerve to clinch a well earned 2-1 victory with a decisive 52 break.


In the group stages England International Kris Vincent once again showed his class by notching up the highest break of the day, a magnificent 104 in his 2-0 victory against the young promising player from Falmouth, Bobby Southworth.

In group A the players amassed no fewer than twenty four breaks over thirty and the group saw fierce competition with only four points separating the top six positions. The final placings went right to the last frame of the last match! The eventual winner of this group was Radford with 12 points. Although Radford lost two matches he picked up valuable points by winning frames in the lost games, this lifted him to the top seed position. Radford hit four breaks over thirty, two (75, 45) were recorded in his 2-0 win over Phil Lane (Hayle). In an high quality match Radford sat out as Symons-Rowe built a huge lead with a 57 break, only to be given the chance to come back and steal the frame to take the lead. With the second frame underway Radford had an injection of confidence and knocked in a fantastic 92 break to clinch victory 2-0.

The runner-up spot went to the English Amateur Champion – Southern Region Symons-Rowe with 11 points. Symons-Rowe recorded five break in the 40’s; three in the 50’s and a break of 70 in an authorative performance of break building. Symons-Rowe made his 70 break and a 56 in his 2-0 demolition of Sam Baird (Halberton). Baird had a ‘bad day at the office’ after his excellent performance in the previous Gold Waistcoat tournament in Falmouth.

\Third place went to Lock with 10 points Lock recorded an array of breaks the highest being a credible 66 in his 2-1 victory over Wayne Branton (Plymouth). The fourth and final place in group A was decided after the last match of the group ended. Bond had to wait for the result of the match between Branton and Neil Chiswell (Plymouth) to see if he was to qualify. Bond knew if Chiswell won he would qualify by virtue of beating Chiswell in his group match but if Branton won He would be eliminated from the tournament by the same virtue that he had lost to Branton earlier in the group stage. If Bond thought there were going to be any favours given to Branton by fellow Plymothian Chiswell they were soon quashed when Chiswell took the first frame to lead 1-0. Bond must have been fretting when Branton levelled the match one apiece. Chiswell then took the deciding frame to win 2-1 eliminating Branton from the tournament and allowing the five times Devon under 16 Champion to leap frog into the knockout stages. Former Devon under 19 Champion Baird struggled to find his form and was left ruing missed chances. Lane will be disappointed after winning three of his seven matches was unable to pick up extra points in his defeats. Lane’s best effort of the day was a 54 break in his 2-0 win over Bond. Other notable breaks were Bond 72, 61 & 38; Chiswell 36, 34 & 30; Lock 49, 42 & 37 and Symons-Rowe 55, 46, 42 & three 40’s.

In group B only two points separated the top four places with the winner Vincent finishing top with 11 points out of a possible 12, losing only to Batten 2-1. Second place went to King by virtue of defeating Batten 2-1 after both players finished with 10 points. King recorded seven breaks over 30 in the group stages, the best a 69 break recorded in King’s 2-0 win against the 2005 WEBSF Silver Waistcoat Champion Grant Cole (Plymouth). Batten was awarded the third qualifying spot in the group. Batten contributed four breaks over 30 with the highest being a 53 break in a 2-0 win over Mike Day (Plymouth). The fourth and final qualifying position went to the West of England Championship runner-up Steve Downing. Downing recorded five breaks over 40, the best coming in his first frame against Cole a superb 93. Downing was unlucky not to compile a century. When on 93 he potted the yellow only to watch the white drop into the middle pocket and end the break. Cole responded well levelling the match aided by a 45 break. Cole then watched Downing hold his nerve and knock in a frame and match winning break of 40 to win 2-1. Day played solidly throughout the day taking frames from three of the four qualifiers to finish fifth in the group. Day made a 35 break in his 2-1 win over Southworth. Other notable breaks were Batten 49, 40 & 33; Cole 39; Downing 2×51 & 50 and King 56, 40, 2×34, 32 & 31.

Report by Keith Millard

Gold Waistcoat Tour Event 3 Results

Gold Waistcoat Tour – Event 4

(Victoria Snooker Centre, Plymouth)

Downing Flies the Cornish Flag with a touch of Gold whilst King is Crowned King


Quality matchplay and experience help Steve Downing (Redruth) craft a 3(42)-1(31) victory over the very talented English International Kris Vincent (Plymouth) in the final event West of England Billiards & Snooker Gold Waistcoat Tour. However, Mike King (Exeter) another player who proudly bears the three lions on his waistcoat, finished top of the overall rankings and lifted the WEBSF Gold Waistcoat trophy, sponsored by the Sunday Independent. Kings final push to win this prestigious title started badly in the early round robin matches as he uncharacteristically lost vital frames. One defining moment of superb break building in a match against the talented up-and-coming Darren Bond (Tiverton) proved pivotal in securing enough points to finish on top of the rankings.

In the semi-finals there where two interesting ties between Downing and King, a repeat of the final in the revived West of England Championship played recently in Rileys, Plymouth. And in the other semi final an all Plymouth pairing of team mates Vincent and Mike Day. Both semi finals produced high quality snooker with Downing and Vincent both forging 3-1 wins.

In the match between Downing and King there where five breaks over 45 in just four frames. King was first of the mark with an impressive 53 break only to watch Downing reply with a break of 46 and snatch the first frame. King rallied with a 46 break in the next frame to level the match 1-1. Downing compiled a fluent break of 53 surging into a 2-1 lead and followed this with an exceptional break of 65 in the fourth frame to advance to the final.

The other semi final saw a ‘run of the balls’ in Vincent’s favour. Vincent took full advantage and piled on the agony by taking the opening frame and the second frame winning comprehensively with a fine 54 break. In the third frame Day 42-11 down scrambled a decisive break of 41 clearing to the pink to peg one frame back 2-1. With both players digging deep Day, seemingly about to level the match after a break of 42, frame score 55-34 in Day’s favour with only the brown to black remaining must have fancied his chances. However, Vincent had other plans and made a small but clinical 22 clearance to pinch the frame by a solitary point and march into the final a 3-1 winner.

The first quarter-final draw produced a mouth watering prospect between the favourite for the title King and the ‘Tavistock Tornado’ Andy Symons-Rowe, who could steal the overall title from Kings grasp. Symons-Rowe knew if he defeated King there would be enough points available to overtake him provided he won this final event. As often is the case with so much riding on the outcome the match never quite lived up to expectations and it was a scrappy affair with both players missing elementary shots. King got his nose in front and held nerve to run out a comfortable 2-0 winner. King now knew he could not be pipped for the overall championship leaving Symons-Rowe ruing missed chances. The second quarter-final brought together two members of the English Amateur Club Champions (Rileys Club, Plymouth) Vincent and Neil Chiswell. With the rest of the Rileys team they won the Plymouth & District Premier League and a host of individual titles within the Plymouth Snooker arena. Once again the pressure and respect given was there to be seen, Vincent clinched a 2-0 victory. The third quarter-final Downing was paired against Highest ranking Silver Waistcoat player, Darren Lock (Seaton). Downing was away quickly with breaks of 45 and 44 to cruise to a 2-0 victory. In the final quarter-final pairing potting machine Gregg Batten (Tiverton) came up against the solid all-rounder of cue sports Day. Batten knocked in an superb break of 61 only to watch the match go the distance and suffer a 2-1 defeat to Day.


Symons-Rowe recorded the best break to claim the event four ‘Break Master’ title with a magnificent 119 break missing the pink and black for a clearance. The break came in the second frame of Symons-Rowe’s first match against Alan Dunnington (Plymouth). In this 2-0 demolition, Symons-Rowe almost reached the century in the first frame, breaking down on 77 with four reds left for the taking. The overall Gold Waistcoat Tour ‘Break Master’ title went to Kris Vincent, with a fantastic total clearance break of 134 in event 2.

Group (A) was won by the tournament winner Downing with 13 points out of a possible 14. His only frame loss against birthday boy Darren Bond (Tiverton) 2-1. Downing recorded no less than eleven breaks over 30, the highest a fine 76 in his 2-0 demolition of King. Downing also broke down on 67 with four reds left on the table against Day. One point behind in the runner-up position was Day who recorded four breaks in the 30’s which included breaks of 39 and 35 in his 2-0 victory over Southworth. King the overall tour winner finished third in this group on 10 points. King was under pressure from the start losing three of his first four matches. King then faced bond knowing if he lost he would not only be knocked out of the tournament but the overall tour title could go as well. Bond took the first frame only to watch King level the match one each. Bond then crafted a more than useful lead of 58 in the deciding frame only to be stunned by King who snatched victory with a burst of brilliance clearing the table with a tremendous break of 61 to win on the black. King, confidence revitalised, qualified by winning his next two matches 2-0 with breaks of 57 and 44. The fourth qualifying position was a tie between Chiswell and Sam Baird (Halberton). Chiswell progressed through to the knockout stage by virtue of defeating Baird 2-1 earlier in the day. Chiswell recorded four breaks in the 30’s the best a 38 and 36 coming against Bobby Southworth Redruth). Baird played solidly throughout the day and amassed an array of breaks, the highlight a 59 against fellow Tiverton team mate Bond, securing a 2-0 victory. Grant Cole played fluent snooker throughout his tournament run recording three breaks over 30 and other breaks of 47 and 44 in a 2-1 victory against Day. Other notable breaks: Baird 42, 40, 39, 33, 32; Chiswell 38×2; Cole 41, 35, 32; Day 39, 33; Downing 45, 41×2, 39, 36, 35, 32×3; Southworth 56.

Vincent won six of his seven matches to finish top of group (B) on 13 points. Vincent highest break of the day was a credible 62 made in his 2-0 victory against Symons-Rowe. Symons-Rowe and Batten finished joint second and between them posted 15 of the 22 breaks registered over 30. Symons-Rowe was awarded the runner-up spot by virtue of the 2-1 victory over Batten aided with a 55 break. Symons-Rowe also made a 48 break in a 2-1 victory over Phil Lane (Hayle). Batten made an impressive break of 70 in a 2-1 win over Vincent and recorded frame and match winning breaks of 58, 46 and 48, 38 in 2-0 victories over Dunnington and Wayne Woodger respectively. The final qualifying position went to Lock who fought really hard having been on the receiving end of several breaks. Lock played solid matchplay snooker to churn out some great results defeating the two qualifiers who finished above him. He faced a 67 break by Batten and won and breaks of 50 & 31 by Symons-Rowe and won, Lock made a 40 break in the latter match. Inaugural Gold Waistcoat event winner, Wayne Branton (Plymouth) who had another disappointing tournament made a 43 break in his 2 0 victory over Lane. Lane who was level on points with Branton was unlucky on the day winning two of his group fixtures but losing four matches by the odd frame. Lane’s resilience was expressed in a 2-1 victory over Lock in which Lock produced breaks of 45 and 38. Woodger had problems with his tip after the first game which showed in his performance throughout the day. However, Woodger impressed onlookers with 2(44)-1 victory over Vincent. Other notable breaks: Batten 36, 32; Symons-Rowe 47clearance; Vincent 46.

Gold Waistcoat Tour Event 4 Results

Alan Hurley – 68,60,49,40,40,38,37,36,32,32,30,30

Andy Radford – 106,92,87,75,75,67,63,53,45,38,35,30,

Andy Symons-Rowe – 78cl,78,76,71,68,61,57,56,56,55,54,52,48,46,44,44,42,42,41,40,40,40,40,40,39,38,38,38,35,31cl,31

Ben Pike – 36,35,34

Bobby Southworth – 68,58,56,50,44,36,33,32

Darren Bond – 80,72,69,57,51,38

Darran Lock – 66,49,43,42,40,37

Greg Batten – 84,62,61,57,53,53,51,49,46,44,40,37,33,33

Grant Cole – 58,51,47,46,45,44,41,39,37,37,35,32,32

Jamie Denham – 45

Kris Vincent – 134cl,104,65,54

Mike Day – 44,42,41,35,34

Mike King – 127,93,92cl,86,84,73,60,58,56,54,53,50,49,49,46,46,44,42,40,38,38,37,34,34,32,31,31,

Neil Chiswell – 46,43,36,34,30

Paul Williams – 69,57,46,44,38,38,38,37,37,33,32,30

Phil Williams – 48

Robert Charman – 35

Sam Baird – 59,59,42,40,40,39,38,36,33,32,32,30,30

Steve Downing – 93,82,65,61,53,51,51,50,46,45,44,44,40,32

Wayne Branton – 53,45,43,34,33,33

Wayne Woodger – 44,40,30

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