Mitchell Grinsted – Overall Winner

Silver Waistcoat Tour Ranking 2008-09

Silver Waistcoat Tour – Event 1

(Victoria Snooker Centre, Plymouth)



13th September 2008

The West of England Billiard & Snooker Foundation, now in its fifth year, held the first event of the 2008/9 season at the Victoria Snooker Centre, Plymouth. Event 1 in a series of 5 Silver Waistcoat U21 tournaments pulled in a good entry, attracting some of the best young players from around the region. Last seasons overall runner up, the potting machine from Plymouth, Dale Branton came through victorious winning 2-0 in a close fought final against Mitchell Grinsted, also from Plymouth. Both players displaying bouts of high-class safety play in a thrilling final. Branton’s route to the final saw him beat Jay Bullen from Exeter 2-0 in the quarter finals. Branton won the first frame with a 46 break and the second with a superb 65 break. In his semi against Tom Kevern (Plymouth), Branton snatched the first frame on the pink before assuring his place in the final with a 48 break. Grinsted also had a trouble-free route to the final, easing past Tom Casey (Plymouth) in the quarter final 2-0. In the semi final Grinsted pinched the first frame against Jake Stewart, (Redruth) by clearing the colours to win by just 9 pts. Grinsted went on to control the second frame from start to finish running out a clear winner.

In the group stages Tom Vanstone (Plymouth) came out on top in group A, dropping only two frames and making a sound 46 break. Jake Stewart came second in the group posting his highest break of the day, a 41. Tom Casey finished third and Adam Gallen from Exeter took the last qualifying spot. In group B, Branton took top spot, posting breaks 44, 40 and the highest break of the day a fine 76. Tom Kevern took second spot aided by breaks of 59 & 42. Third spot went to Mitchell Grinsted and fourth to Jay Bullen with 32 being his highest break. Other young stars of the future in attendance included a line up from the Bronze Waistcoat Tour, namely Chris Coumbe, Cody Hall, Dan Legassick, Adam Lewin and Haydon Pinhey all showed great potential on the day. These players will have gained invaluable experience during the event and no doubt will be a force to be reckoned with in the future.

Details of this tour and other tournaments which are organised by the West of England Billiards & Snooker Foundation can be found on

Report by Wayne Branton

Silver Waistcoat Tour Event 1 Results

Silver Waistcoat Tour – Event 2

(Victoria Snooker Centre, Plymouth)



15th November 2008
The second leg of the West of England Billiards & Snooker Foundation Silver Waistcoat tour was held at the Victoria Snooker Centre, Plymouth. The event continues to pull in some of the best players in the region. It was event 1 runner up, Mitchell Grinsted who went one better this time around to lift the trophy, beating Ben Holley from Taunton 2-0.

In a close fought final, Grinsted started well by nicking first frame on the black by just a single point. With the momentum, Grinsted took little time in securing the second frame and with that the match. Both Grinsted and Holley booked their places in the final the hard way, both coming from 1-0 down to win 2-1 in the semis. Holley beat Mark Green from Salisbury and Grinsted edged out team mate Chris Batey.

In the quarter finals Green secured a 2-0 win against Tom Kevern, who was unable to hold his group stages form in the quarters. Green sealed his victory with the help a 40 & 39 break in the second frame. In the other ties, Batey had a comfortable win over Tom Casey, and Grinsted had little trouble in dispatching Cornwalls rising star, Jake Stewart 2-0. In the match of the day, Holley was made to fight all the way against a one of Plymouth’s up and coming Bronze (U16) players, Adam Lewin. After a deserved first frame from Lewin on the pink Holley looked a little shell-shocked as no matter what he did Lewin kept snapping at his heels. In the second frame Lewin had a chance on the green, needing only to clear to the pink to take the match. With nerves a jangling, Lewin let the chance go begging allowing Holley to clear the colours to level the match and breathe a huge sigh of relief. Holley with a new found confidence never really got tested the same in the decider, and went on to win the match 2-1.


In group A had Kevern took first place with four wins out of four. Second place went to Casey, winning three matches. Will Blackmore, back in the frame after breaking his wrists finished in third place. Tom Vanstone finished in fourth and fifth place went to another Plymouth Bronze player, having a go! Peter Beckwith. The only break recorded in this group was a fine 43 by Blackmore.

Green headed group B with four wins. Second place went to Holley with three wins. Michael Rogers from Taunton finished in third place and forth & fifth spots went to Adam Gallen and Jay Bullen respectively. Notable breaks, 52, 47 & 40 by Green. A solid 41 by Gallen and Rogers made a clearance of 38. Holley made a 44 and the day’s highest break, a superb 82.

In group C Batey won three matches to take top spot. Grinsted finished in second spot. Third place went to last event winner Dale Branton and forth place went to Haydon Pinhey. Notable breaks Branton 48 and a fine 50 by the youngster Pinhey.

Group D saw the draw bring together a group of aspiring Bronze Waistcoat players. Top spot went to Stewart, Second went to Lewin. Third place to Chris Coumbe and forth & fifth places to Cody Hall and Dan Legassick respectively. The best breaks coming from Stewart 37, and Coumbe 32.

Details of this tour and other tournaments which are organised by the West of England Billiards & Snooker Foundation can be found on

Silver Waistcoat Tour Event 2 Results

 Silver Waistcoat Tour – Event 3

(Riley’s, Plymouth)



20th December 2008
Mitchell Grinsted wasted no time is justifying a new sponsorship from Pete Evans Roofing by winning back to back West of England Billiards & Snooker Foundation Silver Waistcoat tour events. This time he beat Chris Batey 2-0. The event was held at Rileys Snooker Club, Plymouth. Grinsted started the final in blistering form taking the first frame with breaks of 31 followed by a 72. Batey fought back in the second from needing three snookers only to see Grinsted pot pink and black to take the frame and match. In the semi final Batey was consistent in beating Will Blackmore (Exeter) 2-0. Grinsted beat Mark Green (Salisbury) 2-1. Both players potted well and it was only the unlucky roll of the balls that separated them with Grinsted taking full advantage with great long potting. The quarter finals pitched Tom Vanstone against Grinsted. Vanstone played well all day but found Grinsted’s potting too hot to handle losing 2-0. Green made light work in beating potting machine Dan Hine (Exeter) 2-0. Bronze player Cody Hall made Batey dig deep and fight all the way for his win. Blackmore made a fine 39 break in his 2-0 win against fellow Exeter Bronze player Jay Bullen.

The group stages produced the best breaks of the day the best in group D, a 77 by Blackmore. Blackmore won the group wining all his matches. Vanstone finished in second place edging out Dale Branton and up and coming Adam Lewin. Batey was undefeated in group C but was pushed very hard in a tough battle against Hine, Batey posting a fine 66 break to win the match. Hine the other player to qualify. In group B in-form Bullen made his experience tell in winning the group with Hall taking second spot by beating Plymouth Bronze champion Haydon Pinhey. Green won group A wining all his matches without reply. Grinsted took second place posting breaks of 52,51,33 & 30.

Details of this tour and other tournaments which are organised by the West of England Billiards & Snooker Foundation can be found on

Report by Wayne Branton

Silver Waistcoat Tour Event 3 Results

 Silver Waistcoat Tour – Event 4

(Victoria Snooker Centre, Plymouth)



31st January 2009
The Victoria Snooker Centre, Plymouth staged event 4 of the West of England Billiards & Snooker Foundation Silver Waistcoat tour, and it was one of Plymouth’s brightest prospects, Mitchell Grinsted who completed a hat trick of victories. In the final he beating another excellent prospect Mark Green from Salisbury 2-0. This latest victory consolidates Grinsted’s position at the top of the overall ranking list with just one event left in the series. With one hand on the regional trophy Grinsted will take some stopping in this form. The semi finals saw Grinsted against adversary Dale Branton. This pairing lived up to every body’s expectations with both players putting on a great show. Grinsted went 1 up in a flawless frame of snooker, keeping Branton off the table and posting breaks of 37,30 & 30. Branton levelled the match, clinching the frame with a 38 break. The decider went to the wire, Branton needing only the pink to win was faced with a tricky safety or a chance at a double. After some thought and an unsuccessful attempt at the double Grinsted was left to pot a long pink and obtain perfect position on the black to win 2-1. In the other semi final Green had an easier time in beating Exeter newcomer Craig Stevens 2-0. Green has now elevated himself into second position in the rankings. In the last eight, Grinsted defeated Jake Stewart 2-0, making a 47 break in the first fame. Stevens beat Exeter teammate Jay Bullen 2-1 with the aid of a 33 clearance to take the first frame. Green also beat regional Bronze Waistcoat champion Adam Gallen 2-0 comfortably. In the pick of the quarter finals, Branton defeated Tom Vanstone 2-1. Branton won the first with a 49 break. Vanstone levelled returning the favour, also making a 49 break. In the decider, Branton won 62-25.

The group stages saw Green top group A winning all his matches and only dropping only one frame. Second qualifying spot went to Stewart the remaining positions where Dan Hine, Haydon Pinhey and Chris Coumbe. Notable Breaks, Pinhey 52,32 & 31, Stewart 46,37 & 31 and Hine 30. In group B Vanstone finished top followed by Bullen, Will Blackmore and Peter Beckwith. The only break recorded in this group was a 31 by Blackmore. Branton won group C without dropping a frame, second place went to Stevens, third place to Adam Lewin and fourth to Cody Hall. The best break of the day coming from Branton an excellent 71 and a 41 for good measure. In group D Grinsted only dropped one frame to win it with Gallen a close second, Alex Hutchings third and Dan Legassick fourth. Notable breaks, Grinsted 56 & 51, Gallen 47, Legassick 28 & 31cl.

Details of this tour and other tournaments which are organised by the West of England Billiards & Snooker Foundation can be found on

Report by Wayne Branton

Silver Waistcoat Tour Event 4 Results

Silver Waistcoat Tour – Event 5

(Riley’s, Plymouth)



7th March 2009
Mitchell Grinsted proved worthy of the support from his sponsors Pete Evans Roofing by winning event 5 of the West of England Billiards & Snooker Foundation Silver Waistcoat Tour for under 21’s. This put Grinsted firmly at the top of the overall rankings table and is crowned South West Regional Champion. Grinsted beat fellow County Youth player and friend Dale Branton both in this event and in the overall title race. Both players reside in Plymouth and are joined by a plethora of youth players that are emerging from Plymouth over the past 2 years.

In the semi finals Branton continued the fine form he had been showing all day beating the much improved Jay Bullen (Exeter) 3-0, aided by a fine 60 break. In the other semi final, Grinsted was made to fight all the way against dogged opponent Tom Vanstone (Plymouth), Grinsted eventually taking the match 3-1, setting up a mouth watering final between two of Plymouth’s finest under 21 players.

In the group stages Branton easily won group A, winning all four of his matches, losing just a single frame along the way. The second qualification spot went to Bullen after a great 3-0 win over Mark Green who continues to travel down from Salisbury to pitch his undoubted snookering talent against his peers. Things could have been different with the third frame looking like it was Green who was going to take it, but thanks to some dogged determination, Bullen took the remaining colours to set up a black ball respot which he eventually won to seal victory. Chris Coumbe and Alex Hutchings took the fourth & fifth spot respectively. Notable breaks in the group; Bullen 37, Branton runs of 43, 47, 52 and the days highest, an excellent 69 clearance.

Grinsted won group B with three wins. Second qualification place went to Tom Vanstone with two wins. Third and forth places went to newly crowned Devon under 16’s Champion Dan Legassick and Chris Corry respectively. Notable breaks, a respectable 25 from the youngest player Dan Legassick and two fine 50 breaks from Grinsted.

Final ranking table top 8:- 1st Mitchell Grinsted, 2nd Dale Branton, 3rd Mark Green, 4th Tom Vanstone, 5th Jay Bullen, 6th Jake Stewart, 7th Chris Batey, 8th Adam Gallen

The seasons highest break was 82 made by Ben Holley from Taunton.

Details of this tour and other tournaments which are organised by the West of England Billiards & Snooker Foundation can be found on

Report by Wayne Branton

 Silver Waistcoat Tour Event 5 Results

Adam Gallen – 47,41,32

Ben Holley – 82,44

Chris Batey – 66,41,41

Chris Coumbe – 32

Craig Stevens – 33cl

Dale Branton – 76,71,69cl,65,60,52,49,48,48,47,46,44,43,41,40,33

Dan Hine – 30

Dan Legassick – 31cl

Haydon Pinhey – 52,50,40,33,32,32,32,31

Jake Stewart – 46,41,37,32,31

Jay Bullen – 37,32

Mark Green – 52,47,40,40,39,39,34

Michael Rogers – 38c

Mitchell Grinsted – 71,56,52,51,51,50,50,47,40,37,37,33,30

Tom Kevern – 59,42

Tom Vanstone – 49,46,32

Will Blackmore – 77,43,39,31


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