Haydon Pinhey – Plymouth Champion 2008/09

Bronze Waistcoat Tour Plymouth Ranking 2008-09

Bronze Waistcoat Tour – Event 1

(Victoria Snooker Centre, Plymouth)



18th October 2008
Twelve year old Haydon Pinhey started the season as he means to go on by defending his Plymouth crown win a win in the opening event of the WEBSF Bronze Waistcoat Tour at the Victoria Snooker Centre. Pinhey had a convincing win against future prospect Cody Hall in the final. He quickly raced to an early lead with the help of breaks of 38 & 16. Despite Hall’s best effort Pinhey maintained his nerve to win 2-0 win on the colours. Pinheys route to the final included a 2-0 win over the youngest competitor, Dan Legassick in the last eight. In the Semi Final he was pushed all the way by Peter Beckwith. Pinhey eased to a 1-0 lead With breaks of 39 & 20 and with him dominant in the next frame victory seemed a formality. However, following a reckless attempt at a pot, a chance fell to Beckwith who took it with determination, clearing the colours to win on the black and level the match. A shell-shocked Pinhey took time to get into his stride in the decider before battling through a tense frame to win on the colours.

Hall, showed great potential in a trouble free route to the final, firstly winning 2-0 against Dylan Chilcott, back on the tour after a year off, in the last 8. In the semi final, Hall faced the ever-consistent Chris Coumbe, a definite front-runner for this year’s crown. The first frame was a bit one-sided, with Hall easing to an early lead. The match looked like going all the way as Coumbe dominated the potting and safety battles. Hall hung on to stay within touching distance before latching onto a loose safety shot from Coumbe to take blue, pink and black to pinch the frame by just 2 points and secure a place in the final.

In-group A, top spot went to Coumbe after four wins, his only defeat was 2-1 at the hands of Legassick. Second place went to Beckwith also with four wins and a defeat against Coumbe. Third spot went to Hall, whose qualification was due to Beckwith’s win against Sam Lloyd. The last qualifying place went to Legassick following two wins and three defeats. The two players that will have to try again next month were Sam Lloyd and Stephen Dyer.

Group B saw Pinhey dominate wining all five matches 2-0. Second place went to Adam Lewin with three wins and two defeats. Third place went to Dylan Chilcott, also with three wins. The last qualifying spot went to tour veteran Chris Corry with two wins. The unlucky players to miss out were newcomer Jonathan Jolly and Daniel Dyer.

Notable breaks of the day were Haydon Pinhey 39, 38, 38, 20; Daniel Legassick 33, 24, 23; Peter Beckwith 29, 27 and Chris Coumbe 22.

Report by Wayne Branton

Bronze Waistcoat Tour Plymouth Event 1 Results 2008-09

Bronze Waistcoat Tour – Event 2

(Riley’s, Plymouth)



8th November 2008
In round two of the WEBSF Plymouth Bronze Waistcoat Tour it was business as usual for the top two ranked players. For the second time in a row Haydon Pinhey and Cody Hall met in the final. Riley’s player Pinhey was triumphant in his 2-0 victory and in doing so has increased his lead at the top of the overall rankings. With the first two events under his belt he is the early favourite to successfully defend his title. After a shaky start in the tournament, Hall found some form in the knockout stages. He won 2-0 against his practice partner Adam Lewin in the last eight, Hall repeated the same score-line in the semi final against Dan Legassick but not before he was put to the test by the youngster. Pinhey faced tour veteran Peter Beckwith in the last eight and had little trouble in taking the first frame. Beckwith has a mature head on his shoulders and looked on course to level the match but a fine opening pot by Pinhey set up a solid 28 break which proved decisive in taking frame and match. Beckwith and Legassick are both showing real potential and are two to watch out for in the future. Pinhey repeated the 2-0 score-line in his semi final against Sam Lloyd, who despite losing was delighted with his days work and smiling to the last. In the other two quarter finals Chris Coumbe uncharacteristically squandered a 1-0 lead to be pulled back to 1-1 and then let a forty point advantage vanish in a deciding frame against Legassick. Sam Lloyd against Stephen Dyer also went the distance with Lloyd winning 2-1 with the aid of a 21 break.

In the group Stages Pinhey won group A with ease by winning all four of his matches. Second spot went to Lewin with two wins, 3rd place went to Lloyd also with two wins and 4th place went to Hall. The unlucky player to miss out by the odd frame was Curtis Campbell. Notable breaks were recorded by Campbell and Lewin. In group B Peter Beckwith took top spot with four wins, second place went to Chris Coumbe with three wins, 3rd place went to Dan Legassick and the final qualifying place went to Stephen Dyer. Notable breaks were posted by Coumbe, Corry & Legassick. The best break of the day was a fine 30 by Beckwith. This event was hosted by Riley’s Snooker Club, Plymouth.

Report by Wayne Branton

Bronze Waistcoat Tour Plymouth Event 2 Results 2008-09

Bronze Waistcoat Tour – Event 3

(Victoria Snooker Centre, Plymouth)



3rd January 2009
Event 3 of the Plymouth Bronze Waistcoat tour was held at the Victoria Snooker Centre. The day was full of exciting and memorable moments and one I’m sure the players will not forget in a hurry. Group A saw Haydon Pinhey produced an array of good touch shots to win frame one against Jonathan Jolly. He followed this with the second frame to win the match 2-0. Cody Hall versus Chris Coumbe made for a tense opening frame with Coumbe potting the black to go 1 up. Hall started well in frame 2 but Coumbe potted well to win 2-0. Against Pinhey, Hall started the match with some good pots using the rest but Pinhey got in with a couple of small breaks 14 & 19 to win 2-0. Adam Lewin won the first frame against Jolly, Jolly tried to keep the second frame safe but Lewin continued to pot well to win 2-0. Chris Coumbe demolished Jolly in their 1st frame 70-10. Jolly dug deep in the second frame and potted well but Coumbe proved too strong on the day and went on to win 2-0. Hall stormed into a 1-0 lead only to piped at the post by breaks of 26,21 and a 22 clearance from Lewin to win 2-1.Coumbe beat Pinhey 2-1 with some good potting from both players. Hall played well in his last match against Jolly to win 2-0. Pinhey fluked blue and pink in the first frame and then went on to beat Lewin 2-0. Coumbe beat Lewin with breaks of 21 and 25 to qualify and reach the semi finals.

In group B there was good safety play between Peter Beckwith and Dan Legassick with their match going down to the decider, which Legassick took 2-1. Sam Lloyd potted well against Chris Corry to take the opening frame. Corry bounced back with some good long shots. However, Lloyd’s consistency came through and he won 2-0. Beckwith won 2-0 against Corry and Lloyd won 2-1 against Legassick with some good solid snooker, Legassick potted some good long balls but Lloyd proved too strong. The two group B qualifiers were determined by a final tally of frame scores from all matches played. These were Beckwith, Lloyd, Legassick was the unlucky player missing qualification by just 2 frame points, just going to show that every ball counts in the group stages.

The semi finals saw superb play from Pinhey to beat the consistent Beckwith. Pinhey affectionately known by his peers as the ‘Pocket Rocket’ produced a break of 23 in the first frame and a superb 48 break to clinch the match. Lloyd played consistently well all day to reach the semi final and his opponent Coumbe was also in fine form. However, both struggled to combat nerves and the pressure of the match each giving away a lot of fouls. It was Lloyd that held himself together the best potting the important colours to beat Coumbe 2-0 and reach the final.

In the final Pinhey started well but Lloyd dug deep to clinch the first frame by potting a magnificence black down the rail to win. Lloyd punched to air in excitement and the smile on his face said it all. Pinhey tied the match by taking the second frame with an awesome 25 clearance, potting everything in sight in the decider to defeat Lloyd 2-1. Tournaments Director’s Steve Brookshaw and Darren Hall reported how impressive and professional all the players behaved, and how proud they feel being involved with the West of England Billiards and Snooker Foundation.

Report by Steven Brookshaw and Darren Hall

Bronze Waistcoat Tour Plymouth Event 3 Results 2008-09

Bronze Waistcoat Tour – Event 4

(Riley’s, Plymouth)



21st February 2009
The forth leg of the Plymouth West of England Billiard & Snooker Foundation Bronze Waistcoat tour was hosted and jointly sponsored by Rileys, Plymouth and Baulk Line Snooker, South West. Three time winner and favourite Haydon Pinhey was made to battle hard in a superb final against the ever improving Dan Legassick. Pinhey had the run of the balls in first frame which went to the final black. Pinhey attempted a safety shot off of three cushions only for the black to drop into pocket to take the lead. Legassick responded well keeping his nerve in front of large crowd to level at 1-1. Pinhey’s experience of finals proved decisive in the decider as the frame went to the final pink and black. Legassick played hastily on the pink leaving Pinhey the chance he needed to clinch the match 2-1. In the semi finals Pinhey played Jonathan Jolly, Pinhey got of to a tremendous start by winning the first frame 90-6 with breaks of 30 & 39. Jolly who had played well all day could not keep up with Pinhey in dominating form and lost 2-0. In the other semi final Chris Coumbe, who always shows great determination and passion in his play, faced Legassick who was unstoppable and took no time at all to win 2-0.

In group A Coumbe got of to flying start with an impressive 25 clearance in the first frame against Corry beating him 73-18 then Coumbe ended the match winning the second 59-27. Corry started of well against Legassick but was unlucky to lose the first frame as Legassick fluked the black to win. Legassick won the next to win 2-0. Adam Lewin laid some tremendous snookers to get back into his first frame against Coumbe before he was unfortunate to go in-off which left Coumbe an easy blue and a superb pink to win the frame. Coumbe showed he means business went on the take the match 2-0. Cody Hall started well against Adam Lewin to take the first frame 74-28. Lewin responded with an excellent 32 break to level the match. Hall’s determination was enough to take a close decider to win 2-1. Legassick beat Hall 2-0 aided by a fine 22 break. Hall was taking no prisoners in his defeat of Corry winning 2-1. Legassick showed great potential in his match against seasoned Bronze player Coumbe 2-1. Lewin made breaks of 22 & 24 in his match against Legassick to win 2-0. Hall went into his final match against Coumbe needing to win to qualify in second place. He levelled the match taking the second frame 55-27 before the ever consistent Coumbe took the decider 63-21. Coumbe finished top his group by beating Lewin 2-0. Corry started well in his match against Lewin but Lewin proved too strong wining the match 2-0.

Group B saw a newcomer to the popular waistcoat tour Joe Murray come up against a very consistent Peter Beckwith. Murray potted a tremendous long pink to win the first frame and showed no signs of letting up in the second frame. However, Beckwith rallied to win 2-1. Jolly also put the dampers on Murray’s first victory with breaks of 22 & 24 to win 2-0. Beckwith put in a fine performance against Jolly winning 2-1 with only one point separating them in the second frame 51-50. Pinhey wasted no time in all of his group matches. He won all his matches without dropping a single frame and recorded an excellent break of 44 against birthday boy Beckwith. Murray and Jolly also lost 2-0 to the outstanding Pinhey who is continuing to show promising signs of maturity beyond his years.

Tournament Director Darren Hall and Parent reported “The young snooker players on this tour are very committed and are showing great potential for snooker. It is a delight to watch them play snooker with such a professional manner at such a young age. Everybody involved with West of England Billiard & Snooker Foundation are doing a great job. The reward for their hard work can clearly be seen on days like these. All the players turn out well dressed and show excellent etiquette and sportsmanship around the tables. Well done to everybody.” Anybody interested in playing on this tour should log onto http://www.websfsnooker.com

Report by Darren Hall

Bronze Waistcoat Tour Plymouth Event 4 Results 2008-09

Bronze Waistcoat Tour – Event 5

(Belgrave Snooker Club, Plymouth)


No Photo


4th April 2009
Apart from a couple of blips in the group stages Haydon Pinhey was in tremendous form in the penultimate event of the Plymouth West of England Billiard & Snooker Foundation Bronze Waistcoat tour. The event was hosted and jointly sponsored by Belgrave Snooker Club, Plymouth and Baulk Line Snooker, South West. Pinhey went into the tournament having won the previous four events and as hot favourite to win the overall Plymouth title for the second year in succession. Pinhey was met in the final by another rising star Dan Legassick, the current Devon Under 16’s champion. Legassick did extremely well to reach the final for the second time in a row beating Peter Beckwith 2-1 in the quarters and a very tough opponent in Chris Coumbe 2-1 in the semis. Legassick’s run came to an abrupt end losing 2-0 to Pinhey. Pinhey made breaks of 46 & 39 in the knock out stages beating Cody Hall 2-1 and Sam Lloyd 2-0 in the quarter and semi finals respectively.

In group A Legassick took first spot on frame count-back over Beckwith. Pinhey was beaten by both these players 2-1, which is an indication of the promising young talent thta exists in Plymouth. Pinhey was to have the upper hand on the breaks scene with runs of 20,22,25,36 and a superb 62 which is the highest for the tour this season. The final qualifier from this group was Hall. Group B proved to be very close with Coumbe edging Curtis Campbell into second place on the head-to-head rule. Adam Lewin took third place and Lloyd fourth, piping Chris Corry on frame count-back.

Tournament Director Darren Hall reported “With one event to go it’s all about who can join Pinhey as the other qualifiers to make the Regional Finals in May.” Anybody interested in playing on this tour should log onto http://www.websfsnooker.com

Report by Steve Canniford

Bronze Waistcoat Tour Plymouth Event 5 Results 2008-09

Bronze Waistcoat Tour – Event 6

(No records)

Adam Lewin – 26,25c,22,21,21

Chris Corry – 32,24,22

Chris Coumbe – 25,22,21

Cody Hall – 22c,21

Daniel Legassick – 33,24,24,23

Haydon Pinhey – 62,48,46,44,39,39,39,38,36,30,28,27cl,25,25,25,23,22,20,20,20

Peter Beckwith – 30,28,27,27



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