The Plymouth Billiards League and the Mining Division Snooker League promoted exhibitions of world class English Billiards. Nine times Billiards Champion Mike Russell in Redruth and Plymouth on the 1st and 2nd July 2010 respectively. Reports from Redruth and Plymouth.

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It’s no joke! Rileys has reached an agreement with World Snooker to host the regional qualifying rounds of the World Open. The World Open is one of the major events on the snooker calendar and was formerly known as the Grand Prix. It will be played in Glasgow from the 18th to the 26th of September. The event has a new format and now allows 32 amateur players to enter at the pre-qualifying stages with the chance to make it through to the televised stages – this is where Rileys come in. This year, Rileys is hosting the preliminary and regional finals at their clubs throughout the UK and their responsibility is to deliver 10 (of the 32) amateur players to the main event.

Rileys will be holding tournaments in each of the Rileys clubs to produce an individual club winner. This winner will then go forward to a regional final. The 10 regional winners will then qualify for the pre-qualification stages in Sheffield to produce the 10 qualifiers.

Stage 1 – First round heats
Each club will be required to create a knockout tournament. The format is best of 5 frames.

Stage 2 – Regional finals
Each club winner will then go forward to a regional final. These players will participate in a tournament and the winner will go through to the qualifying stages of the tournament……….. Rileys, Plymouth has been chosen to host the regional finals for the South West

Important Dates to look out for:-

Closing date for entries – 4th July 2010
Rileys Club tournaments – 10th July 2010
Rileys Regional finals – 31st July or 1st August 2010 (Provisional)
World Open official qualifying – 21 to 24th August 2010
World Open Tournament – 18th to 26th September 2010
Each tournament will be played as a best of five frames, no handicapping. It is free to enter and anybody who is 16 or older on or before the 1st August 2010 can enter.

Click here to submit your details and apply immediately or complete a written application form which must be either posted to the address indicated on the form or handed in at your local Rileys club who will post it to head office. For a definitive copy of the Rules and Conditions click here.

The World Open is a prestigious Snooker tournament and Rileys involvement in it further underlines their reputation and ambition for leading the development of grass roots snooker in the UK. The WEBSF are please to assist Rileys in running the Plymouth tournament.

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