Leading into the Christmas Break sees yet more change at the top making this season the most open for some years. Click here to get to the Seaton League Home Page.

For the Foundation to continue to provide a quality service to its members and maintain the high level of WEBSF tournament opportunities, members will have come to understand the benefit of continual review, experimentation and resulting changes to the way the Foundation operates. The latest change involves the way we accept tournament entry fees, the following changes are being put in place before the next WEBSF tournament:-

Membership and pre-entry tournament registration – a process is being put in place where players will be able to commit to a tournament in advance through payment at least one week prior to the tournament date. The preferred method of payment will be via the WEBSF PayPal account. This will be advertised on the WEBSF website before each tournament. Payment via cheque or cash will continue to be accepted via the designated Tournament Director provided it is at least 1 week prior to the tournament.
Due to diminishing venues and the number of available tables at each venue, entrants may have to be limited in order to complete the tournament within the set timescale. Receipt of payment early in advance will help secure a place in the tournament. (note: where the Tours are concerned, preference will be given to those who have played in previous tour event(s)). Furthermore, with the high volume of members who have to travel some distance to the venue(s) we feel it is extremely important that each tournament has a viable number of entrants for the tournament to take place. If within a week of the tournament the number of players entered is considered too low, the WEBSF Tournament Director reserves the right to cancel the event. Entry on the day may still be accepted. However, this is at the discretion of the Tournament Director.
Dress code at WEBSF Gold and Silver tournaments – It is important we retain our smart and professional image without appearing too formal and ‘stuffy’. However, the Management Team feel that in order to attract more players who ‘struggle’ with the concept and formality of a waistcoat and bow tie etc..the dress code can be relaxed whilst still looking smart. In the place of a waistcoat a collared polo shirt can be worn, for now this has to be a black WEBSF branded polo shirt. Other items of wear remain as per the original dress code; smart trousers – not jeans; dark shoes – not trainers/sandals. Players who aspire to higher levels are welcome to continue to wear waistcoats. Polo shirts can be obtained from the WEBSF at a cost. For the Bronze Waistcoat tournaments the dress code has not changed; dark trousers, dark shoes & collared shirt, no jeans or trainers.
To ensure members receive the most up-to-date information we must remind everyone that the website is the definitive ‘voice’ of the WEBSF and our main source of information. The importance of this has been highlighted during recent talks we have had with the South West Snooker Academy, and it will be an important asset in attracting potential sponsors to the WEBSF and individual members. It is therefore important we get as many ‘hits’ as possible. The WEBSF Facebook (FB) is a platform for members to enter into social networking, voice their opinions and ideas, view event invitations and generally interact and communicate on all things that are Billiards & Snooker. We will continue to use FB but we will point members to the website for the detail, please go to and click on ‘Latest News’ or ‘What’s On’ for more information.

May the WEBSF Management team take this early opportunity to thank all members for their support and feedback, The success of the WEBSF to date is only possible thanks to its members. By working together we can continue to grow, ensuring that Billiards & Snooker has a prosperous future for players of all ages and abilities across the region.

Merry Christmas and a Happy and prosperous New Year – WEBSF Management Team

Andy Neck, from Newton Abbot made a move towards holding onto his title in event 2 of the WESBF Gold Waistcoat tour. Neck beat Alan Hurley in the final to move into second place behind current ranking table leader Darren Bond. Click here for results and more details on the Gold Waistcoat Tour.

Thanks to all at Rileys Snooker Club, Plymouth who sponsored the event.

This time 100% of the entry fees went as prize money!

All change at the top of the table with big wins from Chard IZZA 147 and Honiton Wonderers. Click here to get to the Seaton League Home Page.

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