SILVER WAISTCOAT EVENT 4 – Tournament Registration & Entry
To be considered for the next WEBSF Silver Waistcoat Tournament due to be held at the South West Snooker Academy, Gloucester on the 9th March 2013.

Registration, Entry and Draw – Registration opens on Monday 23rd February 2013. The number of entrants will be limited due to the number of tables and time available therefore entry is secured on a ‘first come first served basis’, a Tournament Director will confirm your entry within 24 hours of the receipt of your entry fee. Registration will close on Sunday 3rd March 2013 at 8:00pm or before if the limit is reach. If you express and interest after registration closes your participation may still be considered. This will be at the Tournament Director’s discretion. The tournament draw will be posted on the WEBSF Web site and Face Book by midnight Monday 4th March 2013. Your registration and entry fee, £15 plus membership (potential new members – please enquire before payment is made), must be received by the registration closing date. Your payment options are:-

Option 1: (Preferred) Electronic Bank Transfer to the WEBSF bank account (contact Steve Canniford or Wayne Branton who will provide details on request, alternatively eMail ( the WEBSF.

Option 2: Cash to one of the WEBSF Tournament Directors (Steve Canniford or Wayne Branton), who will provide a receipt on request.

Option 3: PayPal to Steve Canniford ( who will transfer this to the WEBSF bank account and provide a receipt on request. (It was hoped to use the WEBSF PayPal account but this would incur fees which would have to be taken out the final prize monies)

Option 4: Bank Cheque, made payable to WEBSF.

Commitment to play – If, before the registration closing date, a player decides that they will not be able to fulfil their commitment to play, they must contact one of the Tournament Directors as soon as possible, so that their place can be offered to another player. If this is after the registration closing date the WEBSF Management Team will decide on what course of action will be taken and whether the player will receive a refund/credit.

Tournament play – Play will commence at the designated start time of 9:30am and is planned to finish before 8:00pm at the latest. Where players are more than 5 minutes late for the commencement of a match he/she shall forfeit the first frame, if after waiting a further 15 minutes for them to show, the match will be forfeit. Where both players are more than 5 minutes late the match will start at 1 frame each. If both players are more than 15 minutes late both will forfeit the match. There will not be any planned breaks to take refreshment, players are to make their own judgement to accommodate this need when not required to play. The Tournament Director’s decision is final on all matters relating to the tournament.

Dress code:
Option 1 – Waistcoat, Collared Shirt, Smart Trousers, Dark Shoes.
Option 2 – Collared Polo Shirt (Single colour), Smart Trousers, Dark Shoes. (Polo shirts can be purchased from the WEBSF and the Academy)
(Jeans, Trainers, Sandals are strictly forbidden)

WEBSF Management Team

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Three WEBSF Member’s achievements have been rewarded with financial assistance. Steve Brookshaw, Haydon Pinhey & Chris Coumbe were presented with cheques by EASB Nick Harry at the South West Snooker Academy before the latest Gold Waistcoat tour event took place. Click here to read more.

The South West Snooker Academy, at Gloucester has become a ‘Honey Pot’ attracting players eager for a taste of what it’s like to play snooker under world class conditions. One of the WEBSF main aims is to facilitate opportunities for its members to realise their dreams and aspirations. One such aspiration was realised this past weekend when the WEBSF took the Gold Waistcoat Tour to the Academy. Fast running cloths, responsive cushions and tight pocket openings prove unforgiving of a less than perfect technique and lapses in concentration. With a full days snooker ahead of them mental stamina would also play an important part in whittling the field down to two players to compete in the final. Andy Neck, from Newton Abbot and Paul Standen from Braunton proved worthy of the challenge and met in the final. Click here for the outcome and more details on the Gold Waistcoat Tour.

Thanks to all at the SWSA, Gloucester who made everyone welcome and provided sponsorship for the event. A special mention for EASB Referee Nick Harry for his exceptional show of stamina to officiate for over 13 hours on the day!

This time 100% of the entry fees went as prize money!

Peter Gilchrist will be at St Rumons Club, Redruth and Belgrave Snooker Club, Plymouth on 5th and 6th March 2013 respectively. Click here for a report and more details.

Herewith the details for the next Gold Waistcoat Event at the South West Snooker Academy on the 9th February 2013. The details are as follows:-

The group stage format will be 4 groups of 7 players playing the best of 3 frames against each player in the group to determine qualifiers for the knock-out stage.
The knock-out stage format will be determined by the number of qualifiers from the group stage and time available.)
Players to congregate in the lounge area of the bar by 09:15 for the Tournament Director briefing.
Play to commence at 09:30 prompt!
WEBSF tournament rules apply, please familiarize yourself with them Gold Waistcoat Tour, Tournament Structure & Rules

Even though the limit for this tournament event has been reached, a reserve list of players wanting to play is being compiled and will be referred to in the event of places becoming available. If you wish to register an interest for this tournament and/or future WEBSF tournaments contact the WEBSF by one of the following means:-

Mob: Steve Canniford 07891949995, Wayne Branton 07980788484

WEBSF Management Team

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