Members were up on last season to 110, this included Players from within our catchment area, surrounding regions and overseas. Players from as far afield as France, Switzerland, China & Russia played in some of our tournaments, thanks to the involvement of the South West Snooker Academy Gloucester. In addition to the significant contribution made by the Academy this past season, other sponsors included Rileys, Plymouth, The Plaza Snooker & Pool Club, Plymouth and Gold Waistcoat Snooker Player Keith Sulliven, via his Electrical Testing company ELEKSAFE (UK) & snooker venue KC’s Snooker Coaching Centre, Stroud who, with the Academy, made significant contributions towards the Bronze Waistcoat Open Snooker Championship.

The WEBSF has presented over £27,000 in Prize Money over the past 8 seasons, £4,600 of which was distributed this season. Plymouth based youth player, Haydon Pinhey accumulated a total of £625 of this; the most any player has won in WEBSF tournaments in a season. Haydon is the proud holder of both the Bronze and Silver Waistcoat titles and managed a creditable 6th place in the Gold Waistcoat Tour ranking. Dan Legassick, another talented young player from Plymouth, finished 5th in the Gold Waistcoat tour ranking and 3rd in the Silver and Michael Rogers from Taunton promises much for next season winning the final Gold Waistcoat Tour event and the last two Silver events in succession to finish runner-up to Haydon in the Silver and 8th in the Gold. Andy Neck proved for the second season in succession to be the most consistent player on the Gold Waistcoat Tour and will, no doubt, be committed to a record breaking third title in a row this coming season. He will have to call on all his matchplay experience to hold off the challenge from the following pack all vying to depose him from the top spot.

Five new coaches have been assessed and accredited this season (John Thomas, Greg Jones, Bob Shave, Wayne Branton, & Kevin Jackson). A new coaching school has emerged in Cornwall that was kicked off by ‘Snooker Road Shows’. These were instigated by Kevin and supported by the Cornwall Billiards & Snooker Association and fellow WEBSF coaches in Cornwall. We look forward to seeing the results of this good work in the forthcoming season. Greg and Bob held a Snooker Coaching Open Day in East Devon that generated interest. They intend to repeat this again at the start of the new season. Once again there were England duties to perform for some of our members; Michael Rogers and Haydon Pinhey, the latter going through the card undefeated at the Home Internationals. Chris Coumbe became a class 2 referee and officiated at the same Home Internationals. Chris also officiated at the Worlds Billiards Championships, Leeds. It was here that saw Steve Brookshaw realised the first of two ambitions; to represent his country at the three ball game and a 147 maximum at snooker which he made in a practice frame. As recognition of these achievements a total of £400 was gifted as sponsorship towards expenses. Like Steve, James Lee also achieved perfection by hitting his first 147 maximum break….all great achievements, well done lads!

On the down side, the final Silver Waistcoat Tour event had to be postponed due to lack of numbers, it was duly re-scheduled and numbers were just viable to run the event. This has prompted a re-think for next season regarding tournament registration. This will take place at our annual meeting due to be held in the summer, details to be published prior to the start of next season.

Taking some of the thirteen tournament events to the Academy proved an excellent move, we attracted new members to the WEBSF and it provided the opportunity for members to play at a first class venue, on professional standard tables against new players which increased the level of competition. The refurbished Plaza Snooker & Pool Club is the new home for the WEBSF Coaching School and it is also an excellent venue for tournaments. These rare facilities and the enthusiasm of the owners and staff can only be good news for everyone concerned. Hopefully we will be able to hold our tournaments at these venues again next season where we will no doubt see the standard of play continue to improve. The dress code was relaxed for the Gold & Silver Waistcoat tournaments, allowing polo shirts as an option. This was received with mixed feelings and the jury is still out!; on the one hand it brought in new players; on the other our image lost a little of the traditional smart, ‘professional’ look and feel. What we must not relax is the excellent standard, attitude and level of skill that our members demonstrate both on and off the table.

As was reported in July the Billiards & Snooker fraternity lost a committed and much valued member in the passing of Mike Billinge. Mike was a stalwart, giving an incredible amount of his time to our sport at personal financial costs. We appreciate the time he, and his fellow Referees give so that we as players can concentrate on our play, compete fairly and enjoy our sport. Mike understood and supported the role the WEBSF takes in the development of Billiards & Snooker in the region and kept in touch offering advice and his services when needed. R.I.P Mike Billiards & Snooker Enthusiast & Champion but most of all Friend.

The West of England Billiards & Snooker Foundation would like to express their deepest sympathy to Mike’s family and friends during this sad time. Giving of ones time for the benefit of others is a most precious gift, we thank you for your immeasurable contribution

Haydon Pinhey adds the WEBSF Bronze Waistcoat Open Snooker Championship title to the Silver title he won last month. Connor Arthur, wins the plate and Callum Lloyd takes the highest break prize. Go to Bronze Waistcoat Hall of Fame for a report and more details.

Thanks to all at the South West Snooker Academy, Gloucester who with ELEKSAFE (UK), KC’s Snooker Coaching Centre and the WEBSF who sponsored the event. A special mention for EASB Referee Steve Brookshaw for his tireless refereeing throughout the weekend.

This time 100% of the entry fees went as prize money along with as much again in sponsorship!

BRONZE WAISTCOAT OPEN YOUTH CHAMPIONSHIP 2013 – (Tournament Registration & Entry)
Information relating to the 2013 WEBSF Bronze Waistcoat Open Championship due to be held at the South West Snooker Academy, Gloucester on Saturday 6th & Sunday 7th July 2013.

Registration, Entry and Draw:
Registration opens on Monday 10th June 2013 20:00. The number of entrants will be limited to 32 due to the number of tables and time available therefore entry is secured on a ‘first come first served basis’, a Tournament Director will confirm your entry within 24 hours of the receipt of your entry fee and membership. Registration will close on Sunday 30th June 2013 at 8:00pm or before if the limit is reach. If you express and interest after registration closes your participation may still be considered. This will be at the Tournament Director’s discretion (Mob: 07891940995). The tournament draw will be posted on the WEBSF Web site and Face Book by midnight Friday 5th July 2013. The entry fee is £10 (Non WEBSF Members are required to pay an additional £5 2012/13 membership). Your payment options are:-

Option 1: (Preferred) Electronic Bank Transfer to the WEBSF bank account (contact Steve Canniford: 07891940995 or Wayne Branton: 07980788484) who will provide details on request, alternatively eMail (websf_uk@yahoo.co.uk) the WEBSF.

Option 2: Cash to one of the WEBSF Tournament Directors (Steve Canniford, Wayne Branton or Steve Brookshaw), each will provide a receipt on request.

Option 3: PayPal to Steve Canniford (steve.canniford@gmail.com) who will transfer this to the WEBSF bank account and provide a receipt on request. (It was hoped to use the WEBSF PayPal account but this would incur fees which would have to be taken out the final prize monies)

Option 4: Bank Cheque, made payable to WEBSF.

Commitment to play:
If, before the registration closing date, a player decides that they will not be able to fulfil their commitment to play, they must contact one of the Tournament Directors as soon as possible, so that their place can be offered to another player. If this is after the registration closing date there will NOT be a refund/credit.

Tournament play:
Play will commence at the designated start time. Where players are more than 5 minutes late for the commencement of a match he/she shall forfeit the first frame, if after waiting a further 15 minutes for them to show, the match will be forfeit. Where both players are more than 5 minutes late the match will start at 1 frame each. If both players are more than 15 minutes late both will forfeit the match. There will not be any planned breaks to take refreshment, players are to make their own judgement to accommodate this need when not required to play. The Tournament Director’s decision is final on all matters relating to the tournament.

Format for Day 1 Saturday 6th July:
Qualifying rounds will comprise 8 groups of 4 players playing best of 3 frame matches against each player in their group. Each group will play on 1 table starting at 10:00am. The top 2 players from each group will qualify for the Main tournament (16 qualifiers). The remaining 2 players from each group will qualify for the Plate tournament both to be played the following day, Sunday 7th July 2013.

Format for Day 2 Saturday 7th July:
Main tournament qualifiers will play a straight knock-out on 4 tables down to a Winner and Runner-up (best of 3 frames).
Plate tournament qualifiers will play a straight knock-out on 4 tables down to a Winner and Runner-up (best of 3 frames).

Prize Money:
Guaranteed £400 (additional sponsorship being pursued)
Dress code:
Option 1 – Waistcoat, Collared Shirt, Smart Trousers, Dark Shoes.
Option 2 – Collared Polo Shirt (Single colour), Smart Trousers, Dark Shoes. (Polo shirts can be purchased from the WEBSF and the Academy)
(Jeans, Shorts, Trainers, Sandals are strictly forbidden)

Please note that we will not run this tournament if we do not reach the limit of 32 players.
You are advised not to commit to hotel accommodation until confirmation is announced that this limit has been reached.

WEBSF Management Team

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