Bronze Waistcoat Tour Exeter Champion 2009-10
Bronze Waistcoat Tour Exeter Champion 2009-10

The Exeter Bronze Waistcoat Town Tour was run from 2004 until 2010 in Sidwell Snooker and GWRSA Social Club’s, Exeter. Staunch supporters/sponsors were; Bill Whelan (Sidwell), Mel Berry (GWRSA) and Pete James (Baulkline Snooker South West).

Each season the top four players qualified for the Regional Finals Day where they pit their skills against qualifiers from the Plymouth, Redruth & Falmouth Town Tours (to be posted in the coming weeks).

Michael Rogers was the last Exeter Champion. Michael realised his promise and has gone on to win both Silver and Gold events. He is currently at University after which we hope to see him back on the Snooker scene once he has completed his education.  Take a look back over the years and pick out a few familiar faces that have played….where are they now?. Click here.

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