The final Gold Waistcoat event of the season gets underway tomorrow at Top Q Snooker Club, Gloucester. With three players vying for the overall title and a further three for a place in the top sixteen it should make for an exciting finish to the tour. Looking at way the draw has come out I reckon there will be a few that won’t sleep to good tonight!

Don’t be late 09:00 for 09:30 and don’t forget the dress code:

Waistcoat, shirt, dark shoes and trousers. Or single colour polo shirt with a collar, dark shoes and trousers.

No jeans, shorts or trainers

Select Gold Waistcoat Tour to find out more about this prestigious snooker tour.


Conor Caniff
Robert Lymath
Callum Lloyd
Steve Brookshaw
Ben Rickard
Paul Standen
Darran Lock

Tom Kevern
Hassan Vaizie
Dale Branton
Peter Devlin
Halim Hussain
Andy Neck
Dan Legassick

Ben Fortey
Chris Coumbe
Wayne Branton
Ben Pecan
Hamim Hussain
Haydon Pinhey
Matt Hulatt

Eddie Manning
Daniel Williams
Andy Symons
Harvey Chandler
Mark Vincent
Darren Horsman
Stuart Watson

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