David Church - 2017 WDBS World Open Champion
David Church – 2017 WDBS World Open Champion

World Disability Billiards & Snooker (WDBS) player David Church is also a member of the WEBSF. Like several other WEBSF members David is desperate for some help towards funding his ambition to play snooker and hopefully realise his potential at the highest level.

David is not without some reward for his efforts. So far he has reached the final stages of the Northern Classic, Manchester Classic, Welsh Open Six Reds, the Belgian Open. The highlight of his playing career saw him lift the WDBS World Open Snooker title in 2017. He also won a qualifying match in the Paul Hunter Classic in 2017.

David works hard at his game on the practice table, as do most hopefuls. However, this is the easy bit! the difficulty is finding adequate support towards the expenses needed to compete in tournaments. In spite of a local TV appeal, posting over 300 letters to potential sponsors and investigating many potential sources for funding he has only had five responses, none of which have borne fruit.

Anyone interested in helping David, or any of our WEBSF players, can contact him. Details on his website or contact the WEBSF

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