December 2008 News

Michael Rogers won a classic final against Jay Bullen in the second event of the WEBSF Exeter Bronze Waistcoat. The tournament was of the highest standard yet with breaks made by all players, the best a 50 by Rogers in the early rounds.Rogers also now leads the overall ranking table. For further details go to Exeter Bronze Waistcoat.

This tournament is open to all those that will be under 16 on the 31st December 2008.

Thanks to GWRSA Social Club, Exeter and Baulkline Snooker who sponsored the event

This time 80% of the entry fees went as prize money!

Master of Ceremonies and sponsor for the evening Derek Walker opened the evening by introducing Andy Hicks as one of the most talented snooker players ever to emerge from the West Country. This compliment was to be fully vindicated over the following 4 hours as Hicks displayed an awesome talent for potting and break building with consummate ease. Referee for the evening Jeff Fox was flawless in officiating every one of the 17 exhibition frames.

Frame 1:
Peter Beckwith one of the many talented young WEBSF players emerging from Plymouth to face Hicks on the night started well with a couple of good pots before Hicks opened his account with a masterful 121 break to win 128-4.

Frame 2:
Chris Corry also started well before Hicks made quick fire breaks of 48 & 40 to win 108-14.

Frame 3:
Daniel Legassick matched Hicks with some superb safety play followed by a 14 break. A number of near misses from both players ensued before Hicks cleared the colours to win 80-17.

Frame 4:
Adam Lewin like his peers started well before Hicks made a well timed 53 break near the latter part of the frame to win 91-12.

Frame 5:
Cody Hall matched Hicks in the potting department for a short period at the start of the frame amassing a respectful 22 points before Hicks once again cleared to win the frame 88-22.

Frame 6:
Haydon Pinhey the current Plymouth Bronze Waistcoat Champion made an early near miss to let Hicks in for a 49 break, Hicks was soon to return to the table after an uncharacteristic missed pot from Pinhey to clear with a brilliant 83 break to win the frame 132-0.

Frame 7: next up
Tom Vanstone a regular on the Silver Waistcoat tour and keen to make an impression started with some good safety play. However, Hicks sensed Vanstone can play a bit and moved up a gear capitalising on a Vanstone mistake fashioning a consummate 99 break followed by a 34 clearance to win 136-1.

Frame 8:
After the break Chris Coumbe produced some excellent opening safety play before Hicks fired in a rapid 82 clearance to win 99-8.

Frame 9:
Hicks had been given the nod that his next opponent Mitchell Grinsted was more than capable of producing an upset to the ensuing white wash of challengers. After the usual bout of excellent opening safety play Hicks compiled a truly masterful 131 break to win 131-0.

Frame 10:
Hicks showing no sign of tiring gave his next opponent Sam Lloyd little chance as he looked awesome in taking 10 reds and 10 blacks before narrowly missing a difficult pot red to the middle pocket when a possible maximum 147 look on the cards. Frame score 124-1.

Frame 11:
The level of early frame safety play was as good as had been seen all evening until a loose shot from Dale Branton saw Hicks make a superb 126 clearance to win 126-4.

Frame 12:
After 30 practice frames earlier in the day in preparation for the exhibition one could understand if Hicks was to falter. Poor exhibition play is not in Hick’s vocabulary as Dylan Chilcott was to find out. Hicks posted yet another century break, 103, to win 115-8.

Frame 13:
Grant Cole was next up and after a mistake from Cole Hicks broke down prematurely making a 46 break. Cole failed to capitalise on this rare opportunity letting Hicks in for a second bite of the cherry and a 55 clearance to win 109-2.

Frame 14:
Andy Trim came to the table and after a long bout of respectful safety play and some excellent single ball potting. Hicks took the lead with a 42 break going on to win an entertaining frame 68-39.

Frame 15:
Brother of Derek Walker, Jeff did not get much table time as Hicks enthralled the spectators with an incredible 136 total clearance, played at almost a running pace to win the frame 141-0.

Frame 16:
The penultimate frame saw Gold Waistcoat player and Pool champion Michael ‘Daisy’ Day fail to take his chances. There where no beaks of note in the 80-32 win to Hicks. However, Hicks demonstrated some excellent potting with the rest, in fact he never missed any rest shots throughout all 17 frames.

Frame 17:
The final frame saw Hicks amass a break of 83 to beat Albi Morrison 103-6

Andy Hicks is available for exhibitions at a very reasonable cost, contact the WEBSF for more information.

Thanks to Victoria Snooker Centre, Plymouth for hosting the exhibition

Pictures on Deborah’s Photo Album

Sam Baird (Halberton), reached the semi-final of the Businessland Under 21 Series for the second time in a row before losing 3-1 to Lee Page. Sam topped the breaks table with two centuries 100 & 103. This puts Sam in second spot in the overall ranking after two events. Grant Cole from Plymouth qualified for the knock-out stages narrowly losing out to Michael Leslie. Grant is placed 8th in the rankings. For further details go to Global Snooker.


October 2008 News

Well done to WEBSF snooker star from Taunton, 13 years old Michael Rogers who came through a forty strong field to win his first Keynsham tournament.

For all you snooker players out there that can still remember pocket openings barely wide enough for the balls to pass through, bed-cloth that could double-up as the front room carpet, balls that felt as if they were filled with lead and smoked filled billiard rooms where you could only tell who’s present by the sound of muffled appreciation or clearing of throats after a bad shot, the dream of a hundred break lives on!

Steve Canniford is now the downward side of 50 and has been trying to master Billiards & Snooker since he was 14 during which time he reached County standard at both cue sports. Steve tends to play less these days and is more sought after for his coaching skills and knowledge in helping players of all standards. For Steve hundred breaks at Billiards occasionally come along but the milestone of a hundred break at snooker has always eluded him, not any more!..Steve not only realised the dream when he made exactly 100 in a Seaton League match against John Thomas from Chard Casuals, he also made League history, being the first player to make a hundred break in a league match. A feat not achieved by any player during the leagues 67 years.

When ask to comment Steve replied with a wry smile “Now that the 100 break is done and dusted I suppose a 147 is my next target…..given I can stick around for another 40 years!”

Hot shot Haydon Pinhey last seasons Plymouth Bronze Waistcoat Champion defeated another player to watch Cody Hall in the final of event 1 of this seasons tournament. For further details go to Plymouth Bronze Waistcoat. Also some great pictures on Deborah’s Photo Album

This tournament is open to all those that will be under 16 on the 31st December 2008.

Thanks to Victoria Snooker Centre, Plymouth who part sponsored the event

This time 69% of the entry fees went as prize money!

Due to tournament date clashes some of the WEBSF tournament dates have bee changed. Check out the calendar by going to the WHAT’S ON IN THE REGION link at the top of this page. These tournaments are open to any WEBSF members (join on the day) who will be under 21 years old on the 31st December 2008 for the Silver. who will be under 16 years old on the 31st December 2008 for the Bronze. There is no age limit for the Gold. Good Luck!

Young aspiring snooker prodigy, 10 years old Carl Mitchell is supported by Steve Francis of Booters Barber Shop, Redruth who has given sponsorship towards a new cue and waistcoat. Carl plays for Redruth Royal British Legion in division 2 of the Cornish Mines League. After moving up a division Carl has so far acquitted himself well against older and more experienced opponents. He also reached the quarter finals of the West of England Snooker Foundation Bronze waistcoat finals at Plymouth earlier this year. Father and coach Barry Mitchell is grateful for the sponsorship and will be calling on all his past experiences to keep Carl on the path to success.