WEBSF Annual Meeting Notes

The main focus continues with Tournaments, Coaching & Volunteering.

Tournaments have been reviewed in light of potential sponsorship, coaching material and tasks continue to be developed and we are always keen to speak with anyone who might be interested in volunteering to assist us with the running of the Foundation.  Specific knowledge and experience of Billiards and Snooker is not essential as there are many different roles and skills that people can bring to a community organisation such as ours.  Volunteering is not only an opportunity to put something back into the community but can also help you develop new skills and meet different people.

In addition we have several ‘background’ tasks that are no less important to the successful running of the WEBSF, these include:-

  • Fundraising
  • Legal Advice
  • Marketing, Media & Promotion
  • Website Administration
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Merchandising
  • Accountancy

Spare time is limited for most people, especially on a weekend but any offer of help with running the WEBSF will be taken seriously. Select minutes and action notes to find out more.

WEBSF Annual Meeting Notes

Some of the key decisions made during the recent WEBSF Annual meeting.

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WEBSF Annual Meeting

10th Annual Meeting. Click here for event details

September 2013 News

The 9th WEBSF Annual Meeting is to be held at the Plaza Snooker & Pool Club, Plymouth on the 14th September 2013 immediately following the WEBSF Coaching School at approx. 1pm. The Management Team welcome past, present & future members to attend. Meeting minutes, accounts and a draft programme of WEBSF tournaments & events will be published here soon.

Find Decision & Action Notes here and accounts here.

The Seaton League 2013/14 season commences on the 24th September. A fixture list will be published here within the next week.

July 2012 News

Due to unforeseen problems this years Annual Meeting has been postponed until 11th September 2012. However, the Management Team will endeavour to publish the draft programme of WEBSF tournaments in the next 2 weeks. This will them be confirmed at the meeting.

Find Decision & Action Notes here and accounts here.

October 2011 News

Wayne Branton from Plymouth has won the first Gold Waistcoat event of the season against the biggest field yet. Branton’s last Gold Waistcoat event victory was seven years ago when he won the inaugural event. Click here for more results. Full report now in, pictures coming soon.

Thanks to Rileys Snooker Club, Plymouth who sponsored the event.

This time 96% of the entry fees went as prize money!

Sponsorship money is now in and counted and a cheque has been presented to the staff at the Plymouth Neurological Rehabilitation Unit for a fantastic £2797.05. Well done to all those Snooker, Pool & Darts players that help raise this sum. Darren’s road to recovery continues and this show of support means a great deal to him, thank you on his behalf.

The WEBSF Annual Meeting took place on the 17th September 2011. Here are the key points:-

Congratulations to Darran Lock & Michael Rogers who both achieved England International Status in the 2011 Home Internationals
Separate the Plymouth Bronze and Silver Tournaments
A full compliment of Waistcoat tournaments will be run this next season. Aim for 6 Gold, 6 Silver 1 Bronze.
Take Gold & Silver Waistcoat Tournament events to Exeter
Enter a WEBSF team in the UK League annual tournament (Southwest Snooker Academy)
Invite local Referees to assist at tournaments
Well done by all involved in raising funds for Mount Gould Hospital, Plymouth
Find ways to promote the WEBSF & their Tournaments
To receive a complete set of meeting minutes and action notes members can contact any of the Management Team or email the WEBSF (websf_uk@yahoo.co.uk).

Ben Pike sets the break mark at 56 as Wonderers open up a 10 point lead. Click here for the latest results.

Haydon Pinhey from Plymouth came out on top in the first Silver Waistcoat event of this seasons tour . Pinhey beat Tom Vanstone one of many players who must fancy their chances this season. Click here for results and more details on the Silver Waistcoat Tour.

Thanks to Jim Curtain and all at Rileys Snooker Club, Plymouth who sponsored the event.

This time 100% of the entry fees went as prize money!

Charlie Hawkes swoops to take a frame off of Neil Whitfield as Ex Cons win three black ball frames to seal victory. Click here for the latest results.

Event two of the English Amateur Billiards Association, National Junior Billiards Tour was won by Dan Legassick who beat Chris Coumbe in the final. Click here for more details.

Below are confirmed dates and venues for this seasons WEBSF tournaments. Please contact the WEBSF ASAP if you are aware that they clash with other tournaments that you would like enter and we will do what we can to accommodate you. eMail websf_uk@yahoo.co.uk or phone/text Steve on 07891940995.

Silver Waistcoat Tour
Event 1: Oct 15th – Plymouth
Event 2: Nov 12th – Torquay
Event 3: Dec 10th – Exeter
Event 4: Jan 21st – Torquay
Event 5: Mar 3rd – Exeter
Event 6: Apr 28th – Plymouth

Gold Waistcoat Tour
Event 1: Oct 29th – Plymouth
Event 2: Nov 26th – Torquay
Event 3: Jan 14th – Exeter
Event 4: Feb 11th – Torquay
Event 5: Mar 10th – Exeter
Event 6: Apr 14th – Plymouth

Bronze Waistcoat Championship one event, eligible Silver Waistcoat players will be seeded. 12th May – venue to be decided

September 2011 News

28 players dusted off their cues after the summer break and went along to Rileys, Plymouth to compete in the Jim Curtain Classic, a handicapped open tournament. After 84 best of three matches Andy Symons-Rowe came out on top beating Darren Bond 2-1 in a closely contested final. Rileys guaranteed £200 in prize money and everyone had plenty of match practice to start the season. Best break of the day came from Dale Branton, a fine 82. Click here for the results.

The Feds start their campaign and Honiton WMC start collecting bonus points. Click here for the latest results.

Wonderers continue where they left off last season at the top but can the newly named Steelers ‘steel the show’ this season. Click here for the latest results.

The 7th WEBSF Annual Meeting is due to take place at Rileys, Plymouth Saturday 17th September 2010 at 09:30. Feel free to come along and participate. Soon after, this seasons tournaments will be publish here on this website.

September 2010 News

Sam Baird made a great start in his bid to challenge for a return to the Professional ranks by winning the first event in the EASB Pro Ticket (South) Event 1 and head the rankings. Sam beat James Loft 5-3 in the final with a barrage of breaks. Another WEBSF talent Darren Bond was also in fine break building form reaching the semi finals to take third place in the rankings.

Two younger ‘Stars of the Future’ that join the long list of talented young players to emerge from the WEBSF ranks are 16 years old Chris Coumbe and 13 years old Dan Legassick who have just returned from representing England at Billiards in the Home Internationals held in Prestatyn, North Wales. This takes the tally to thirteen WEBSF players that have proudly worn the three lions on their waistcoat. Well done lads, from the WEBSF Management Team.

The WEBSF Annual Meeting took place on the 11th September 2010 and the following key decisions where made:-

Clarification within the rules regarding the Bronze and Silver Waistcoat tournament age limits. e.g this season:-
Bronze players must be under 17 years old on the 31st December 2010
Silver players must be under 22 years old on the 31st December 2010
Merge Plymouth Bronze and Silver Tournaments
Silver Waistcoat entrance fee lowered to £10
A full compliment of Waistcoat tournaments will be run this next season. 5 Gold, 6 Silver/Bronze.
Take Gold Waistcoat Tournament events to other parts of the region
Run a ONEFORSEVEN tournament

To receive a complete set of meeting minutes and action notes members can contact any of the Management Team or email the WEBSF (websf_uk@yahoo.co.uk).

Dates for the Westcountry Billiards Tour are now published. The first tournament will be on the 26th September 2010 at the Belgrave Snooker Club, Plymouth.

Baulkline Snooker SW, for the third year is the main sponsor of the WEBSF Waistcoat Tournaments. Baulkline Snooker is a local company owned by Pete James. Pete is well known and respected for his high level of skill as a Table Technician throughout the Snooker fraternity. However, skullduggery is afoot and as a result of rumours being put about, reporting that he has “Gone into retirement”, “Moved up North” and in one case “Emigrated!” Pete has been forced to mail shot his regular customers to dispel these rumours and retain his business. I can assure you Pete has neither moved away nor has he retired. Only this past weekend I came across Pete carrying out maintenance on the table in our local village hall.

Pete is always willing to chat and share his vast knowledge of tables, so I took the opportunity to question him regarding the condition of a table in a club where I play, which was last serviced a rival company.

Pete refuses to use inferior materials as he believes this to be false economy; him having to return to explain why the playing conditions have not come up to players expectations; the materials wearing out quicker which results in having to have the table covered more frequently. The consequences of which can result in losing a hard earned good reputation and custom.

After a very informative chat I came away with a better understanding of some of the ‘Tricks and Shortcuts’ carried out by less scrupulous Table Technicians use. (if they are deserving of this title!). It certainly gave explanation as to why our club table is ‘playing’ as poorly as it is. The information gained will inform the Club Committee and hopefully result in being more selective when the table needs recovering. Thus saving the Club money and providing a the members with little excuse for not playing well……maybe!

Dates for WEBSF tournaments are now being published following the WEBSF Annual Meeting which took place in Rileys, Plymouth Saturday 11th September 2010.

League Secretary – John Cann aka ‘the Stumpmeister’ opens the season with the following address. For further details click here.

July & August 2010 News

Yes, darts on a snooker site! The name Branton is normally associated with snooker in the Plymouth area with father Wayne and son Dale often in the frame in regional tournaments. However, Wayne Branton has shown us another side to his talents on the dart board, by wining the inaugural Rileys Dartzone competition against another of Plymouth’s men of the green baize, Adrian Lamerton.

Branton was in superb form all day and a classic final was on the cards against the talented Lamerton. After an early lead taken by Lamerton, Branton turned up the heat from a 1-3 deficit to level at 3-3 before checking out on double eight at the first attempt to win 4-3. Branton has a habit of wining inaugural competitions, he won the very first WEBSF Gold Waistcoat event back in 2004, Who would bet against him wining the inaugural onefourseven snooker tournament due to take place in Rileys this coming season?….Let’s hope he remembers that a cue is for potting and not for throwing!!!

The WEBSF Annual Meeting is due to take place at Rileys, Plymouth Saturday 11th September 2010 at 09:00. Soon after this seasons tournaments will be publish here on this website.

Sam Baird and Matt Williams have both won through to book places in the World Open at Sheffield. Sam won through a field of 70 players from around the country to win the South West Snooker Academy hosted, World Open Qualifying event. To find out more go to Global Snooker Sam can be contacted by email him on sambaird147@gmail.com. To visit Sam’s website click here.

Matt won through the Rileys South West Regional event held in Rileys Snooker Club, Plymouth after winning the Rileys Plymouth qualifying event earlier this month. The WEBSF wish both players the best of luck in the next round.

July & August 2009

The WEBSF Annual Meeting took place on the 1st August 2009 and the following key decisions where made:-

Revision to Waistcoat tournament ranking points. Attendance points increased to 100 and will count towards final ranking for all events.
WEBSF Coaching Voucher Scheme piloted in Plymouth to be adopted.
A full compliment of ‘Waistcoat’ tournaments will be run this next season.
Sam Baird to receive Life Membership of the WEBSF in recognition of achieving Professional status.
Professional players can now enter the Gold Waistcoat tournaments providing they meet the normal criteria for entry. However, they are required to give 14 points per frame to non professionals.
The Bronze Waistcoat age limit is to remain at 16 years.

To receive a complete set of meeting minutes and action notes members can contact any of the Management Team or email the WEBSF (websf_uk@yahoo.co.uk).
Haydon Pinhey (Plymouth) is the latest player from the WEBSF ‘stable’ to be selected to represent his country. Pinhey is one of a number of talented protege’s that are emerging from the WEBSF Coaching Scheme. The Plymouth based Coaches comprise Wayne Branton, Steve Brookshaw and Darren Hall. They work hard week in week out to facilitate the right environment for the youngsters that attend the coaching School, to not only develop and improve on their snooker skills but to emerge as well rounded individuals. Haydon’s achievement is ‘icing on the cake’ and the WEBSF Management Team congratulate Haydon and wish him every success.

Pontins have had to change some of the PIOS dates due to other tournaments taking prioriy. Go to Global Snooker for Pontins competitions

No less than seven WEBSF players reached the knock-out stages of event six of Pontins Businessland under 21’s series. Darren Bond (Tiverton) faired best in reaching the quarter finals before going out 3-1 to the eventual runner-up Nick Jennings. Sam Baird (Halberton), suffering a bout of man-flu, went out in the last 32 to Twm Sion Jones on a deciding frame. Other WEBSF players based in Plymouth that joined Sam were, Grant Cole who lost to Kyren Wilson, Mitchell Grinsted who found Nick Jenning too tough on the day, Tom Kevern who went out to Steven Gregson, Dale Branton who lost to Kamran Ashraf and Chris Batey who took just one frame off the event winner Liam Highfield. Sam’s early exit means that Highfield took top spot in the final rankings, relegating Sam into second place. With seven WEBSF players reaching the knock-out stages all augers well for the future. For further details go to Global Snooker