The WEBSF Annual Meeting took place on the 1st August 2009 and the following key decisions where made:-

Revision to Waistcoat tournament ranking points. Attendance points increased to 100 and will count towards final ranking for all events.
WEBSF Coaching Voucher Scheme piloted in Plymouth to be adopted.
A full compliment of ‘Waistcoat’ tournaments will be run this next season.
Sam Baird to receive Life Membership of the WEBSF in recognition of achieving Professional status.
Professional players can now enter the Gold Waistcoat tournaments providing they meet the normal criteria for entry. However, they are required to give 14 points per frame to non professionals.
The Bronze Waistcoat age limit is to remain at 16 years.

To receive a complete set of meeting minutes and action notes members can contact any of the Management Team or email the WEBSF (websf_uk@yahoo.co.uk).
Haydon Pinhey (Plymouth) is the latest player from the WEBSF ‘stable’ to be selected to represent his country. Pinhey is one of a number of talented protege’s that are emerging from the WEBSF Coaching Scheme. The Plymouth based Coaches comprise Wayne Branton, Steve Brookshaw and Darren Hall. They work hard week in week out to facilitate the right environment for the youngsters that attend the coaching School, to not only develop and improve on their snooker skills but to emerge as well rounded individuals. Haydon’s achievement is ‘icing on the cake’ and the WEBSF Management Team congratulate Haydon and wish him every success.

Pontins have had to change some of the PIOS dates due to other tournaments taking prioriy. Go to Global Snooker for Pontins competitions

No less than seven WEBSF players reached the knock-out stages of event six of Pontins Businessland under 21’s series. Darren Bond (Tiverton) faired best in reaching the quarter finals before going out 3-1 to the eventual runner-up Nick Jennings. Sam Baird (Halberton), suffering a bout of man-flu, went out in the last 32 to Twm Sion Jones on a deciding frame. Other WEBSF players based in Plymouth that joined Sam were, Grant Cole who lost to Kyren Wilson, Mitchell Grinsted who found Nick Jenning too tough on the day, Tom Kevern who went out to Steven Gregson, Dale Branton who lost to Kamran Ashraf and Chris Batey who took just one frame off the event winner Liam Highfield. Sam’s early exit means that Highfield took top spot in the final rankings, relegating Sam into second place. With seven WEBSF players reaching the knock-out stages all augers well for the future. For further details go to Global Snooker

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