We are constantly looking for creative ways to build and develop our coaching material and encourage more people to volunteer. In an effort to expand our coaching content, we are providing an opportunity for you to share your insight and ideas.

Maybe you like to create new routines that are challenging? Maybe you have some favourite practice routines that always seem to help your game?

We want you to share your knowledge.

What we are looking for

  • practice routines
  • exercises
  • scenarios or set-ups
  • fun or educational games
  • techniques for improvement
  • billiards and snooker material
  • anything that can be used for coaching

Your content does not necessarily have to be new or original. Many of the routines and set-ups that players practise today, have been passed on, shared and adapted over time.

However, if your content has been lifted or adapted, we’d like you to share your source to help us credit and reference information appropriately.

5 reasons why you should help

  1. We can never have too much material.
    In order to support more players of all ages and abilities, we need as much coaching material as possible.
  1. There is so much that can be done with even the most basic idea.
    The snooker line-up is one of the most recognisable practice set-ups. This set-up alone can be endlessly adapted to help players of different standards.
  1. We want you to feel part of something.
    Being a coach isn’t for everyone. By sharing your coaching ideas, you’ll be helping other players from a distance.
  1. You’ll become an volunteer.
    Anyone who contributes will be volunteering digitally as an eVolunteer.
    eVolunteer Coaching Content Contributor role description (PDF)
  1. Contribute on your own terms.
    There are no expectations. You can submit content as little or often as you like.

How you can contribute

Our content submission form allows you to:

  • write instructions
  • attach instructions
  • attach an illustration
  • attach a photograph

Mark up a blank table image or create your practice set-up in Microsoft Word.