July & August 2010 News

Yes, darts on a snooker site! The name Branton is normally associated with snooker in the Plymouth area with father Wayne and son Dale often in the frame in regional tournaments. However, Wayne Branton has shown us another side to his talents on the dart board, by wining the inaugural Rileys Dartzone competition against another of Plymouth’s men of the green baize, Adrian Lamerton.

Branton was in superb form all day and a classic final was on the cards against the talented Lamerton. After an early lead taken by Lamerton, Branton turned up the heat from a 1-3 deficit to level at 3-3 before checking out on double eight at the first attempt to win 4-3. Branton has a habit of wining inaugural competitions, he won the very first WEBSF Gold Waistcoat event back in 2004, Who would bet against him wining the inaugural onefourseven snooker tournament due to take place in Rileys this coming season?….Let’s hope he remembers that a cue is for potting and not for throwing!!!

The WEBSF Annual Meeting is due to take place at Rileys, Plymouth Saturday 11th September 2010 at 09:00. Soon after this seasons tournaments will be publish here on this website.

Sam Baird and Matt Williams have both won through to book places in the World Open at Sheffield. Sam won through a field of 70 players from around the country to win the South West Snooker Academy hosted, World Open Qualifying event. To find out more go to Global Snooker Sam can be contacted by email him on sambaird147@gmail.com. To visit Sam’s website click here.

Matt won through the Rileys South West Regional event held in Rileys Snooker Club, Plymouth after winning the Rileys Plymouth qualifying event earlier this month. The WEBSF wish both players the best of luck in the next round.

March 2009 News

Chard B and Honiton Cons battle it out for the runners-up spot. For a full report go to Seaton & District Snooker League.

Grant Cole representing Rileys, Plymouth competes in the finals of the English Club Players Championship this weekend in Birmingham. On the Sunday Cole is joined by Michael Day and Matt Williams representing the WEBSF in the English Team Championships. The WEBSF Management Team wish then all the best of luck.

Dale Branton steps up to the plate by reaching the last 16 in the EASB English Under 19 Championship. The WEBSF Management Team wish Dale every success in the closing rounds.

This coming weekend on Sunday sees the Andy Hicks Millennium Tournament. This handicapped tournament is open to all-comers and will be held at Rileys Snooker Club, Plymouth

With just one event left Sam Baird moves into the top spot of the overall WEBSF Gold Waistcoat Tour ranking in beating Neil Chiswell in the final of event 4. For results and report go to Gold Waistcoat. Members can view some great pictures on Deborah’s Photo Album

This tournament is open to any member player.

Thanks to Baulkline Snooker SW and Belgrave Snooker Club, Plymouth who sponsored the event

This time 87% of the entry fees went as prize money!

Adam Gallen started slow and gradually improved on his way to winning event 5 of the WEBSF Exeter Bronze Waistcoat. Gallen beat Michael Rogers 2-0 in the final. For further details go to Exeter Bronze Waistcoat.

This tournament was open to all.

Thanks to GWRSA Social Club, Exeter and Baulkline Snooker who sponsored the event

This time 80% of the entry fees went as prize money!

Chard B stake their claim for the runners-up spot. For a full report go to Seaton & District Snooker League.

Mitchell Grinsted sponsored by Pete Evans Roofing becomes the WEBSF first Champion on the 2008/9 season when he won event 5 beating Dale Branton in the final. This secured Grinsted the overall regional championship with Branton overall runner-up and highest break on the day. Overall highest break was a fine 82 by Ben Holley. Full report and tournament details due in soon Silver Waistcoat. Great pictures on Deborah’s Photo Album.

This tournament is open to all those that was under 21 on the 31st December 2008.

Thanks to Baulkline Snooker and Rileys Snooker Club, Plymouth who sponsored the event

This time 100% of the entry fees went as prize money!

Those were the words, with the odd expletive, of a team mate on hearing that after many years of trying and four near misses, Ray Selway had won the annual Seaton League 3 reds tournament. Ray beat all-comers that included three Chard players before finishing off Neil Wilmington in the final. This year there was the added incentive of prize money for the top four places, kindly donated by Graham Ward & Sons Tiling. Chard Conservative club hosted the event and provided excellent table conditions and superb refreshments. Several big guns went out early yet again, in what is always an enjoyable event bringing the league players together to socialise and reminisce old times.

The WEBSF has received a kind donation of a ‘Pop-up Banner Stand’ for use at WEBSF Tournaments and Functions. We now have to come up with a graphic design to be displayed. If there are any budding Graphic Designers out there or just someone with a talent for coming up with an eye catching image and slogan that represents the WEBSF and what it stands for, (WEBSF Aims & Objectives) we would be grateful for your assistance. The size of the banner that is visible is 800mm wide x 2150mm high. Send your ideas by email to the WEBSF.

Seaton Snooker League are to run a 6 reds team knock-out tournament at the end of the season. Also the draws for the finals are now published. Go to Seaton & District Snooker League and click on Cup Draws.

Haydon Pinhey took the latest of this seasons Plymouth Bronze Waistcoat tour events beating Dan Legassick in the final. For report go to Plymouth Bronze Waistcoat. Results now in. Also some great pictures on Deborah’s Photo Album

Thanks to Baulkline Snooker and Rileys Snooker Club, Plymouth who sponsored the event

This time 100% of the entry fees went as prize money!

September 2008 News

Matt Williams took the first Gold Waistcoat tournament of the season, aided by a 96 break, beating Sam Baird 2-0 in the final. For further details and report go to Gold Waistcoat. Also some great pictures on Deborah’s Photo Album

This tournament is open to any member player. Thanks to Baulkline Snooker SW and Victoria Snooker Centre, Plymouth who sponsored the event

This time 91.6% of the entry fees went as prize money!

Last seasons overall runner up, Dale Branton the potting machine from Plymouth, came through victorious winning 2-0 in a close fought final against Mitchell Grinsted, also from Plymouth. For further details and report go to Silver Waistcoat.

This tournament is open to all those that will be under 21 on the 31st December 2008.

Thanks to Baulkline Snooker and Victoria Snooker Centre, Plymouth who sponsored the event

This time 84.6% of the entry fees went as prize money!

The WEBSF are considering changing the format for at least the first of this years Gold, Silver & Bronze snooker tournaments or to hold a separate 6-6 tournament, frames will consist of 6 Reds and 6 Colours. It is hoped this short format will produce exciting attacking play as well as levelling the ‘playing field’ giving encouragement to any player capable of making a frame wining 40 break. Entry fees are as last season and at least 80% of the entrance fee will being given out as prize money.

Since the 80’s Billiards & Snooker has gone into a steady decline. County Associations have mostly disappeared, Local Leagues are operating with less teams year on year and in some cases merging with other leagues in order to survive. Clubs are closing or at best reducing the number of tables giving way to American Pool and function rooms. Tournaments that once attracted over 100 competitors and played over two days have either disappeared of operate with a fraction of entrants. The reasons are many fold and in some cases complicated, we all have views on these but rather than debate these at length I would like to focus how we can make our sport more attractive to those still playing competitively or playing for fun and relaxation.

The WEBSF was set up in 2004 in an attempt to arrest this decline and provide a safe and emergent environment that would entice & develop new blood, encourage old players back into cue sports and help improve the few quality players we still have in the region. Over the past 4 years the WESBF has made significant steps towards this aim. However, we must not rest on our laurels and continue to develop and push the boundaries, any suggestions that will help us meet our objectives will be gratefully received.

With regard to the previous statement a proposal for this year is to consider the introduction of 6-6 Snooker into the existing tournaments or as an additional tournament. Other sports have variations along similar lines Rugby 7’s and Cricket 20-20 and in past years long gone many different games have been played on an English Billiard table. The 6-6 format is just 6 reds and 6 colours, playing to the conventional rules for Snooker. This article will hopefully provoke debate and prompt members to respond with comments and suggestions as to what extent this format should be introduced into the WEBSF series of tournaments.

Some of the pro’s:-

A shorter format will produce more attacking play and exciting results
With fewer chances in the frame the better player will not be able to ‘relax’ during the early stages of a frame
With just a 40 break securing the frame this will act to level the ‘playing field’ giving encouragement to a wider range of player standards
More players would be encourage to play in the tournaments
Shorter frame times will give the opportunity for bigger groups of players playing more frames.

Some of the con’s:-

The full range of safety play and tactics would be less evident
Prolonged concentration required to master significant break building will be less practiced
‘Levelling the playing field’ will not give a true measure of ones skill against better opponents
As it is not ‘real’ snooker it could turn better players away
Full snooker match-play is invaluable in preparation for National tournaments (no 6-6 national tournaments)
The 100 break benchmark cannot be achieved with 6 reds.

Thanks to the two members that have already responded regarding this proposal. It is important that we receive more views on this before the Management Team make a final decision on the way forward. Don’t leave it to someone else to comment on your behalf, this is your foundation!

Please contact the WEBSF Management Team with your comments now!

Feedback Updated:

From the comments that have been received from members this has proved an interesting proposal generating lively discussion. The WEBSF Management Team have taken on board feedback from the members and are now voting on a final proposal to:-

Agree and support a pilot in Redruth and Exeter Bronze providing the majority of players are also in agreement.
Agree to a 6 Reds pilot to take place in this years Exeter Bronze Waistcoat Round Robin stages subject to a majority player approval
Hold a 6 Reds tournament this season
Not introduce this format in the Plymouth Bronze, Silver and Gold tournaments.

Voting results are now in.
The WEBSF Management Team have voted by a majority in favour of the above proposal. We now have to see what comes about from the pilots and allow the players to come to a view as to what extent this format will be used in the future. Thank you to all those that participated in the debate…..nothing ventured, nothing gained!

Sam Baird (Halberton), has been at it again! Sam played for the senior England squad that had a clean sweep in the Home Internationals. For further details go to Global Snooker.

It was back In September 2004 that WEBSF Patron Ray Reardon M.B.E. (six times former World Professional Snooker Champion) launched the West of England Billiards and Snooker Foundation (WEBSF).

The WEBSF Management Team believe in order to arrest the decline in players turning to cue sports is to encourage more young people to participate at grass roots level. The benefits to the sport long term are obvious, more players being exposed to the sport that will lead to them joining clubs, entering leagues & county competitions and more importantly, less youths walking the streets with ’nothing to do’.The WEBSF offers to visit your club or league and discuss ways in which we can work together to put Billiards & Snooker back on the map, providing opportunities for players to realise their potential and provide enjoyment for all.

For the fourth year running the WEBSF has in place a full calendar of well run and administered tournaments catering for players of all age groups. Tournaments are scheduled to take place in Exeter, Plymouth, Redruth & Falmouth with other locations planned for the near future. Since these tournaments have been available the overall standard of play in the region has steadily increased. WEBSF players exposed to tough competition on a regular basis along with access to a high standard of coaching has been instrumental in a number of them being included to represent England at the World, European and Home International Amateur Championships.

Matt Williams, Kris Vincent, Neil Chiswell, Lee Lamerton, all from Plymouth. Sam Baird (Halberton), Greg Batten & Darren Bond (Tiverton), Andy Symons-Rowe (Tavistock) and Andy Radford & Mike King from Exeter, have all represented their country over the past 4 years. All have expressed gratitude to the WEBSF for providing an environment which has proved invaluable in helping them make their mark in national competition.

In 2007 the WEBSF Management Team in association with Rileys, Plymouth organised and ran the Plymouth International Snooker Channel Island Challenge. This tournament pitched teams from the Channel Islands against teams from South & South West England and Wales. The one day event cumulated in victory for Pontins International. This team was made up of three WEBSF players who are regulars on the national circuit; Matt Williams & Grant Cole (Plymouth) and Darren Bond (Tiverton). Cornwall did the double by winning the Billiards and Junior Snooker. The tournament was hosted by Rileys, Plymouth. A total of 252 frames of snooker and 17 hours of billiards where played on just 15 tables on the day. This is thought to be some kind of record for an international tournament. The tournament was regarded by all as a resounding success.

It’s not just the gifted & talented that have benefited from the sterling efforts of the WEBSF Management Team and Coaches. On a weekly basis there are Coaching Schools in Plymouth, Redruth & Exeter that not only foster and improve local talent but help give the youth an alternative to potentially anti-social behaviour. The WEBSF have developed a Billiards & Snooker coaching scheme that includes a process for training and assessing potential coaches of various grades. The coaching team is now 15 strong, All WEBSF coaches undergo self declaration & Criminal Records Bureaux checks in order to comply with Child Protection requirements and to ensure that the safety and welfare of children & young adults remains paramount at all times. At progressive stages of their development, young players can test their skills & knowledge of Billiards & Snooker as part of the WEBSF Player Assessment scheme. increasing levels of competency form the basis for Bronze through Silver to Gold. Each competency level achieved is recognised with a certificate. Annual Membership of the WEBSF is just £5 for Under U16’s and £10 for Senior players. Non playing officials, coaches & volunteers pay just £10 for life. Each member receives a waistcoat/blazer badge & ID card. Other benefits include access to top quality tournaments, excellent coaches, referees & tournament organisers, the WEBSF also help with obtaining sponsorship, promoting tournaments and fundraising.

Roger Cole spokesman for the foundation said “These are very exciting times for Billiards & Snooker players in the West Country. The sports of Billiards & Snooker have been in steady decline since the golden era in the 80’s. The continued support of respected former World Champion Ray Reardon and the hard work of WEBSF officials and volunteers can only continue to prove beneficial to young and old alike who take pleasure from playing this wonderful sport”.

Event 1 of the EABA Under 18’s Junior Billiards series is coming to Plymouth on Saturday 6TH September 2008. The event takes place at the Victoria Snooker Centre, Plymouth. The WEBSF will be assisting with the running the tournament on the day. A full calendar & entry pack will follow shortly. All you young snooker players that want to have a go at English Billiards should contact Steve or any of the WEBSF Management Team. Coaching in the rules and how to play Billiards is available leading up to the tournament. The event commences 11.00am, registration 10:30am. Entry is £7 for non EABA members. Go on, give it a go!

Unfortunately this event had to be cancelled due to lack of support from players probably not wanting to travel long distances to the Plymouth venue. This is something West Country players have to overcome on a regular basis. Hopefully we can try again in the future.

September 2007 News

The first event of the above handicapped Billiards tour is due to take place on 30th September 2007 at Rileys Club, Exeter. Registration is at 10:30am, play starts at 11:00am. For details of dates click here or contact Geoff Setter

Grant Cole wins the first Silver Waistcoat event of the season and tops it with a hundred break for good measure whilst Dale Branton makes his mark. For further details go to Silver Waistcoat

Congratulations and good luck to Sam Baird, Kris Vincent & Darren Bond on their selection to represent England in the Home Internationals. For further details go to Global Snooker

As he did last season Chris Coumbe has thrown down the gauntlet to fellow players in taking the first Plymouth Bronze Waistcoat event of the season. This year there is everything to play for as ranking points from only four of the five events will count in determining the town winner and the top four that will progress to the grand finals at the end of the season. For further details go to Bronze Waistcoat

This tournament is open to all those that will be under 16 on the 31st December this year.

The WEBSF management Team, Members & friends here in the West Country congratulate Michael on winning the World Under 21 Championships. We also extend our congratulations to Matt Williams and Robbie Williams for qualifying to the last 32 and 16 respectively.

To keep see the full breakdown the World Championships go to http://www.globalsnooker.co.uk

August 2007 News

For photo’s of the Matt Williams For England Handicap click here.

To keep abreast of Matt’s progress in the World Amateur Championships go to http://www.globalsnooker.co.uk

The outline plan for the forthcoming season is:-

To focus on obtaining funding through donations & sponsorship for players and the foundation.
To expand the Bronze Waistcoat to more towns within Devon, Cornwall, Somerset & Dorset.
Recruit more Coaches and Helpers.
To continue with the development of the Coaching Scheme seeking integration with Schools and Colleges.
Remain in contact and work with the IBSF, EASB & Pontins without compromising the WEBSF’s good work & principles.
Promote Snooker via the promotion of top Snooker events in the region.

To request a full copy of the WEBSF Billiards & Snooker Foundation Policies & Structure members only can e-mail the WEBSF.

The Plymouth Bronze Waistcoat is the first WEBSF tournament of the 2007/8 season. The venue is the Victoria Snooker Centre, Plymouth and the date is the 1st September 2007. This tournament is open to all those that will be under 16 on the 31st December this year. To join the WEBSF and enter this tournament click here

July 2007 News

Congratulations to Matt Williams, (Plymouth) on being selected to play for England in the IBSF World Under 21 Championship, 22nd-31st August, Goa, India

Matt is in good company, he will be joined by Michael Georgiou, Forest Hill, London and Robbie Williams, Michael Wallasey. Michael was the country’s No 2 junior 2005/2006, European Under 19 quarter finalist 2006 and reached the final of the EASB Under 19’s last season.- Highest match break 138. Robbie is at present in top form having won three Pontin’s Buisnessland Under 21’s in a row and is the overall series winner, also he has twice reached the EASB Under 18’s semi finals – Highest match break 131. Matt won the EASB Under 19 Tour 2005, runner up in the National Under 18’s the same year and finished 3rd in last seasons Premier Junior Tour Also in his previous World Under 21’s trip he reached the last 32 – Highest match break 143. The eventual winner is promoted to the Main Tour 2008-2009.

Matt has to fund the entire trip himself! The WEBSF in association with Rileys, Plymouth are staging a Handicap Snooker Tournament on the 11th August at Rileys, Plymouth in an effort to raise some funds for Matt.

Congratulations to Sam Baird, (Halberton) after winning event 6 of the Pontins Businessland Under 21 Series. Along with Sam, Adrian Bond, Darren Bond, Grant Cole, Darran lock all qualified to the last 32. Both Bond the brothers won through to the last 16 before losing out to Alex Taubman and Stephen Ellis respectively. Darran Lock narrowly lost 2-3 to Liam Highfield in the last 32. Dale Branton (Plymouth) just 15 years did not qualify but will have gained valuable experience from playing against some of the best under 21 players in the country. For more information go to Global Snooker

Sam has continued his good form in the Pontin’s International Open Series by reaching the last 16. Sam lost 4-2 to Jeff Cundy but not before claiming the following scalps:- Mike Hallett 4-1, Scott Miller 4-1 & Dave Manley 4-0. Kris Vincent was close behind reaching the last 32 lossing out 4-1 to Robbie Williams. Matt Williams and Jamie Dykes reached Round 2. Mike King had a tough draw against Antony Parsons losing 3-4.


Carl Mitchell from Redruth, just eight years old, won his first competitive match in a Perranporth & District Snooker Summer League match for Redruth Royal British Legion at Lanner Institute last week. Carl practises with his father & coach Barry Mitchell up to fifteen hours a week at the Redruth Royal British Legion which is noted for playing a big part in the development of young players in Cornwall.

Congratulations and commiserations to Sam Baird (Halberton) who after reaching the EASB Pro-Ticket Play-Offs was knocked out in the first round by Michael Wild (Oldham) at the Northern Snooker Centrein Leeds, five frames to one. Wild went on to reach the semi-finals, where he lost David Grace. Grace lost 6-3 Martin Gould (Middlesex) in the final. If Gould can win his next four matches at Prestatyn, North Wales, he will qualify for the Shanghai Masters event.

Baird will be disappointed at not getting past the first round but we recognize the magnitude of this achievement of being one of just 16 of the country’s top amateur players to earn a place in the play offs. Well done Sam! (WEBSF Management Team & Fellow Members)